Tulle to the kitchen – modern design ideas + photo of the novelties of 2017

Tulle to the kitchen – modern design ideas + photo of the novelties of 2017

The decoration of window openings with the help of tulle is an unfading trend in the field of design. In order to make the curtains a beautiful addition to the interior, when selecting tulle for the kitchen, one should first of all look at the style and specificity of the premises, as well as the modern trends in curtain design – photos of the novelties of 2017 in the current catalogs will help determine the choice.

Choosing a kitchen tulle

Tulle is a flowing translucent curtain fabric, which in its structure is something middle between the woven and woven fabric. Today this type of fabric, which received its name in honor of the French town of the same name, has already become a household name. Tulle is often called any transparent curtains of chiffon, veil, marquiset and organza.


Tulle for the kitchen has extraordinary decorative features

Shape and length

The choice of shape and length of tulle for the decoration of windows dictates the specificity and design of the kitchen. The main criterion in this regard is practicality. Therefore, the best option for decorating kitchen window openings is a short tulle or a light curtain of medium length to the window sill.


A beautiful and practical solution for the kitchen

This option allows the functional use of the window sill as an additional working surface.


And besides, a short curtain in a small kitchen, the windows of which are in the immediate vicinity of the sink or stove, will be less polluted and endangered by accidentally igniting the included cooking zone.


Giving the drapery framing the window opening, such a shape as in the photo, you can profitably emphasize the elegance of the design of a modern room

Easy flowing material is the best suited for sewing:

  • curtains in the form of arches;
  • strict Roman curtains, which are vertical sections of fabric, which, thanks to the sliding structure, are assembled into spectacular folds;
  • laconic Japanese panels, each part of which moves independently of each other;
  • Light curtains, supplemented with metallic impregnations of threads;
  • playful Austrian curtains in combination with lambrequins, lace and fringe.

Tulle arch looks interesting due to the shape of the curtain with an arcuate bottom edge. It freely passes the sunlight, does not interfere with the ventilation of the room and does not “overload” the limited space. A vivid confirmation of this is a selection of photos of modern design with the use of a tulle-arch.


Arched curtain – a win-win option for windows facing the north side, where there is not enough sunlight

Long drapes at the frame of windows are chosen for decorating spacious rooms. Tulle curtains in the floor favorably emphasize the height of the ceilings and the aristocratic design.


Stylish photo idea for a laconic modern kitchen design: snow-white tulle curtains paired with curtains of coffee color with milk

In terms of practicality, long curtains and drapes on the kitchen windows are not very comfortable. A thin flowing tulle in the frame of long curtains is often used in modern design to decorate a window opening with a balcony door in the kitchen.

kitchen Design

Properly selected textiles make kitchen design in the style of Provence harmonious, attractive and memorable

Choice of color and texture features

Modern translucent fabric can be monophonic and with an effective color transition, with printed patterns and embroidered pattern, flowing smooth and textured embossing. The basis for its production can be natural materials, for example, cotton, silk or linen, or their synthetic analogues, for example, polyester or viscose.

Color tulle in different styles of cuisines:


All the variety of color solutions can be summed up to three options:

  • white – the most common option, because it is able to organically supplement any design;
  • color – emphasizes the color solution embodied in the interior design;
  • variegated – is a striking accent in interior design.

Tip: when choosing a shade, follow the rule: the darker the kitchen – the lighter the tulle curtain should be

curtains in the kitchen

Curtains in the tone of the facades of the kitchen set

Properly matched in color, translucent textiles are able to radically change the interior design, making it more refined and gentle.

White color – a universal solution in curtain design:

Modern kitchen interior, 3d interior

Material selection

Due to the specificity of the kitchen area, when choosing textile design elements, it is important to pay special attention to the quality and composition of the material. The curtain should not be a mark, resistant to soaking odors, easy to wash. All these qualities are possessed by modern combined or mixed fabrics made from a mixture of synthetic and natural fibers.


Blended fabrics are less susceptible to contamination than natural

As a frame of window openings, kitchens are often used:

  • veil – soft, pliable material with a translucent matte structure, ideal for sewing curtains;
  • chiffon – looks like a veil, but much softer and lighter;
  • mesh – cellular fabric rough to the touch perfectly passes sunlight and air, but on the embossed surface kitchen fumes and dust often accumulate;
  • organza – a rigid transparent fabric, does not crumple and is easily draped.

Tulle is a universal material that successfully combines lightness and transparency. Despite the visual weightlessness, the mesh fabric can have a rather dense structure, providing a decent protection against direct sunlight and hiding what is happening in the kitchen from curious passers-by.

tulle grid

Tulle grid


Organza with ornament

veil with picks

Veil with pick-ups – a spectacular photo idea for the kitchen in neoclassical style

For kitchens with windows looking to the south, tulle from dense textiles with patterns is ideal. This drapery perfectly shades the room, creating a relaxing to the dimness.

Selection of tulle by style

Choosing a tole, do not be afraid to experiment. Light flowing curtains will look great both in a classic interior and in a laconic modern design.


Classics is based on the refinement of flowing lines. She has natural shades with a rich palette of tones.

drapery of curtains

In the interior presented in the photo, the air drape of the window balances the pomposity of the classical style

design of curtains

Gourmet Neoclassicism

In the kitchen in the classical style, organically I will look tulle curtains of brown, yellow and golden hues.


In the photo it can be seen that the figure of the lambrequin completing the curtain, echoes with motifs on the wallpaper

For classic style, elegant drapery is simply necessary. Air cords, flowing lines will bring playful notes into the strict classics.



The style of Provence successfully combines elegance and simplicity. To decorate the kitchen in this style, the short tulle can not be better. To make it look more interesting, the curtains can be played by forming two tiers:

  • First – the curtains adjacent to the window will ensure the privacy of the household;
  • the second – in the form of a flirtatious dressed in the sweet upper part will bring a space of comfort in the space.

To decorate window openings, it is better to choose tulle from natural light materials, such as cotton or silk.


In this design harmoniously fit curtains, suspended on decorative hooks, as in the photo

In the styles of Provence, Country and Chef-chic, the tulle arch or lambrequin with short curtains will fit successfully.

Advice: lambrequins in small rooms should be used with caution, such a drape visually lowers the ceiling.


Photo idea in the spirit of Provence: the neutral white tulle curtain is successfully supplemented by a colorful colorful curtain on the tackle

To intercept long straight cloths of flowing fabric, you can use wooden or metal rings, coquettish bows, lace pickings.



The style of Art Nouveau (Art Nouveau) is characterized by asymmetrical forms, smooth winding lines, floral ornaments. To realize the style of modern in the kitchen interior will help classic types of curtains, with the asymmetry introduced into their design.

plant motifs

Asymmetry of lines and plant motifs-characteristic features of the direction

Preference is given to muted colors, close to natural: shades of lilac, green, silvery, ashy, warm autumn tones. Tulle with a picture of flowers and ornate vegetal ornament is welcomed.

French curtains

Short French curtains, as a photo, organically complement the interior in the style of art nouveau

Curtains in the Art Nouveau style are multilayered. The use of two or three types of materials to decorate the opening is a common phenomenon. The curtain decor is called to underline the stylistics – asymmetrically suspended picks in the form of twigs of trees or flowers.



To decorate the window openings of rooms made in modern styles, the perfect solution will be the tulle curtains on the eyelets.


Even the photo shows how the deep vertical creases formed by the eyelets emphasize the weightlessness of transparent tissue

Against the background of brutal brickwork and bright glossy facades of the kitchen set, inherent in modern design, tight tulle will look spectacular.



The luxury of the East is transmitted in ornaments with a complex interlacing of threads. The key to the design is the selection of colors. The curtains of golden, emerald, burgundy and violet shades will fit in the oriental design.


A successful solution for modern interiors designed in the Moroccan style

To simulate the semblance of the tent, the cloths drape densely, and their edges are decorated with beads and fringe. You can supplement the composition with interwoven cords with large brushes.


When it comes to styling, as in the photo, you can more freely interpret the canons of style

Photo ideas for the East:


How beautiful to hang a tulle in the kitchen

The easiest way to drape a translucent tulle for a kitchen is to add a falling strip of cloth along its entire length, forming longitudinal folds, and then throw it through the cornice once or twice. For the implementation of this design of the kitchen window or door, tubular or string patterns of the cornices should be used.


Applying the technique shown in the photo, you can turn a window opening into a real work of art

As a result of such manipulations, the middle part of the canvas will hang over the center of the window in a small semicircle, and its free ends will fall along the lateral sides of the window opening.

The main advantage of tulle cloth is its ability to easily succumb to drapery. It can be made symmetrical and asymmetric. Fix the canvases so that they completely open the window opening or, conversely, completely cover it.

drapery options

A variety of options for draperies – a great opportunity to contribute to the modern design of refinement elegance

One and the same curtain can be draped in at least two ways. Just a couple of strokes – and the interior will “play” in a new way, creating the illusion of renewing the window decor.

Beautiful drape curtains, giving them a luxurious presentable appearance, can be done in two simple ways:

  1. Fix the transverse or longitudinal folds when sewing the product.
  2. Create waves and tails by fixing with magnets, staples, rings or picks.
picking up

Using picks of this type as in the photo, you can give curtains extraordinary and bizarre shapes

Among the popular options for tulle upholstery for a kitchen in a confined space are the most advantageous:

  • Classical single wave – it is formed in the center of the canvas. To create a wave from the inside, the curtains “grab” the area, forming a descending wave of the desired height.
  • Double wave – differs by a double group of folds. To create it, firstly, a volumetric sagging of the web forms, and a little lower a less lush isogenous wave.
  • Lateral festons – the lower drapery is a spectacular W-shaped fold, displaced closer to the bottom edge of the fabric. It is created with the help of decorative pins and sticks with magnetic inserts.

For a spectacular modern drapery podkvaty fixed on both sides of the canvas, just dragging a few centimeters up.

drapery of curtains

To make the drapery even more interesting, use, as in the photo, a tulle of contrasting shades

Create perfectly flat vertical folds, giving the canvas a neat and orderly appearance, the easiest way to use eyelets. They are plastic, wooden or metal rings, fixed along the upper line of the cloth, designed to be worn on a round cornice.


Presented on the phototype of fixation is convenient in that it makes it easy to push the curtains without disturbing the beauty of the drapery

Important! The thickness of the drape when using the eyelets depends on the diameter of the rings and on the distance at which they are located.

For cross draperies use double-row cornices. The curtains are placed one after the other, spreading across the entire width of the window, and then bred in different directions and fixed with pick-ups.


The area of ​​crossing the curtains on the photo looks like lambrequin

To make the cross-over area shorter, the place for fixing the curtains needs to be moved just above the middle.

Options for combining tulle and curtains

In modern design, the options for combining tulle curtains with other types of curtains are not lost. Interesting are the combinations:

  • tulle, supplemented by Roman curtains;
  • paired with thread curtains;
  • tulle curtains decorated with calico or cotton lambrequins;
  • Chiffon linens, combined with muslin.
tulle and muslin

The photo clearly demonstrates that tulle and muslin look great together on one window

It is believed that the Roman curtains themselves are self-sufficient and with the task of decorating windows are able to cope without using other types of curtains. But in assembled form they bare the lower part of the window opening, making the room well viewed from the side of the street. This is where the translucent tulle comes in handy.


In such a tandem, the Roman curtains perform night protection function, and the flowing tulle – day curtains

The methods of combining tulle with Roman curtains are more than a dozen. They can be selected in one color range or played in contrast, fixed crosswise or “attached” to waves using pick-up or curtain tape. The main thing is to remember that tulle in this duet performs exclusively decorative function of “smoothing the corners”.

Photo examples of successful combinations of translucent curtains with thick curtains:


Popular color solutions of 2017 and current types of tulle

In previous years, the color of the curtain was traditionally white. But the snow-white fabric in the kitchen is not practical. Today, bright touches in interior design are popular. The designers embody this idea using color tulle.

To give an expressive brown and sandy hues to the headset, fill the room with a charge of energy, use curtains of orange color. Green curtains will bring freshness to the interior of the kitchen.


The most popular colors of this year are: mint, turquoise, beige, powder and blue.


Do you want to decorate the kitchen exclusively and up to date? Pay attention to one of the latest design developments – the use of smooth tulle, decorated with 3D printing. The novelty is interesting in that it makes it possible to apply any photo of a picture to a translucent fabric.

kitchen Design

The bright drawing will refresh the monochrome design, and the vertical elements will visually correct the height of the low ceilings

The use of innovative digital technologies and the ability to choose any photo at its discretion allow creating real pictures on translucent curtains:

  • urban landscapes;
  • family portraits;
  • natural landscapes.

Tip: in order not to overload the room with details, it is better to order curtains just below the windowsill.

window decoration

This window decoration in the kitchen revitalize the modern interior, and fill it with the magic of realistic plots

The presence of small folds on the hanging canvas will not spoil the beauty of the picture, on the contrary, it will make it bigger and more realistic. The main thing is to avoid too deep tissue creases.


Bright photo idea – curtain-graffiti

Tulle with photo printing is not combined with curtains. It does not need partners and ornaments, because in itself it looks like a bright accent of the interior of the kitchen, adding to the atmosphere of individuality and coziness.

Video-selection of original variants of tulle curtains for the kitchen

The choice of textiles for the kitchen, do not be afraid to combine materials. Having studied the variety of fabrics on the market, and including fantasy, you can realize extraordinary and modern design solutions in the interior of your kitchen.


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