What kind of wallpaper to choose for the kitchen, and what should not be glued: wallpaper priorities and taboos

What kind of wallpaper to choose for the kitchen, and what should not be glued: wallpaper priorities and taboos

What kind of wallpaper to choose for the kitchen, and what should not be glued: wallpaper priorities and taboos

Which wallpaper to choose for the kitchen to create a cozy, warm, homely atmosphere with a functional and unpretentious decor? The first thing we pay attention to when buying wallpaper is the coloring, which must certainly please the eye. And this, of course, is correct, because we will have to admire "these lovely flowers" day after day for many years. However, choosing the "clothes" for the kitchen, focus exclusively on the coloring is not worth it. In this case, it is important to find not only a stylish and original way of decorating the walls, but also to choose the most practical option for finishing, which will successfully cope with temperature changes, high humidity, steam, soot and other features of the "hot shop".

Wallpaper for kitchen with fruit motifs and suitable technical characteristics

Practical wallpaper for the kitchen with fruit motifs - a versatile option, suitable for any kitchen

In addition to the nice colors and nice textures, the wallpaper for the kitchen should meet a number of requirements and criteria, conditioned by the specifics of the room, in which food is prepared and consumed daily. Since in most houses the kitchen is combined with the dining room, it is important to be able to observe the harmony between functionality and aesthetics. Most often, the kitchen wallpaper is used for decorating the dining area. In this case, they help visually zonate the room.

Criteria for choosing kitchen wallpaper

  • The kitchen is regularly held wet cleaning, including walls, so kitchen wallpaper must necessarily be moisture resistant. The most "tasty" part of our life goes exactly in the kitchen, however, during cooking, drops of fat, oil, juices and other unpleasant little things often fall on the walls, which, in case of improperly chosen material for finishing, often force the owners to start new repairs and change the wallpaper. Moisture-resistant coatings can withstand wiping slightly soiled areas with a soft cloth or a damp sponge, without using detergents or cleaning agents. Washable wallpaper can withstand similar wet cleaning, but with the addition of special detergents. But super-washing wallpapers are able to withstand not only rubbing with detergents, but also cleaning with a brush.
  • An important indicator of the quality of kitchen wallpaper - density, which is directly related to the strength and durability of the walls. In addition, the higher the density of the wallpaper, the less pores in them, in which dirt easily accumulates.
  • Wallpaper for the kitchen should have high light resistance, that is, be resistant to sunburn, otherwise they will quickly turn yellow, losing an attractive appearance. This will affect not only the aesthetics of the premises, but also make it impossible to rearrange furniture without preliminary repairing the walls.
  • Another important parameter is vapor permeability, thanks to which the walls of the kitchen dry quickly, which positively affects the microclimate of the room.
  • Choosing for the kitchen wallpaper for painting, it is recommended to give preference to those species that are suitable for multiple staining.
Kitchen furniture on the background of wallpaper with a floral pattern

Light kitchen furniture looks attractive against the background of wallpaper with a floral pattern in pastel colors

When selecting wallpaper in the kitchen, it is necessary to pay attention to the marking of the goods: the "wave" icon indicates the moisture resistance of the material, and "wave with a brush" indicates resistance to mechanical damage.

From the assortment of modern wallpapers, both domestic and foreign, presented in stores and markets, is breathtaking. Any whim is easily realized! A huge selection of wallpaper, at first glance, gives us the opportunity to choose exactly what we really need, but in most cases, an ordinary person in such a variety may simply get lost, so it's best to immediately drop the unsuitable for kitchen decorating options.

Completely unsuitable for pasting walls in the kitchen paper wallpaper. Do not be tempted by cheapness! Later, it will fly you in penny by its impracticality and fragility. Selecting paper wallpaper, you can immediately begin to prepare for a new repair. The growing popularity of textile wallpaper made of cotton, linen or silk, as well as natural wallpaper made of bamboo, veneer of rare species of trees, leaves and stems of exotic grasses certainly look impressive, but as they intensively absorb the smoke, fumes and odors of the upcoming food, for the kitchen is not the best solution. Acrylic versions with protruding relief patterns, like all other types of embossed and corrugated wallpaper with a volumetric pattern, it is better to leave for the decoration of the living room, bedroom or hallway - in the kitchen conditions, pretty flowers and curls will quickly cover with a dark coating that will be difficult to clean even with detergents.

Bright wallpaper can be an important element of decor

Bright wallpaper with a geometric pattern make a more cheerful simple setting of this kitchen

What wallpaper to paste in the kitchen

  • Paper wallpaper with impregnation

Paper wallpaper with a special water-repellent impregnation - the most affordable option of suitable for pasting the kitchen. However, they serve no more than three or four years, and besides they quickly burn out in the sun, and they do not differ with special decorative features.

  • Paper wallpaper with a minimum layer of vinyl

Very thin wallpaper with a smooth surface and, as a rule, a thematic kitchen pattern, without a special claim to aesthetics. Their main drawback is that for gluing you need perfectly smooth walls, otherwise any dent, cracks or protrusion will immediately strike the eye.

  • Vinyl Foam Kitchen Wallpaper

Despite the fact that wallpaper from moisture-resistant foamed vinyl is proudly called kitchen, it's impossible to call them the best option for the kitchen. A thin vinyl layer does not have a special durability and strength, and thematic drawings with gastronomic motifs will please not everyone.

Gray wallpapers for the kitchen - practicality or aesthetics

From the point of view of practicality, gray vinyl wallpaper does not know itself equal, but as an element of decor is not always suitable

  • Vinyl wallpapers

The ideal "wallpaper" solution for wall finishing in the kitchen is vinyl - an artificial material that is not afraid of moisture, light and successfully hides the flaws of the walls. The main thing is to choose vinyl wallpaper with a sufficiently high density, which can be determined by squeezing a rolled roll with your hands: if the material is easily creased during this manipulation, it means that it will not work for the kitchen. Vinyl wallpaper consists of several layers: the bottom layer of fabric or strong paper is supplemented with a top layer of PVC film, which gives them increased strength. Of the positive qualities of vinyl wallpaper should be noted their durability, non-toxicity, moisture and light fastness, as well as resistance to the formation of fungi.

  • Compact vinyl

The best option for the kitchen - compact vinyl - hot stamping wallpapers, imitating stone, textured plaster, leather, textiles. Compact vinyl can be bravely rubbed with a brush, washed, scraped without fear of the integrity of the coating. The material is durable, perfectly masks the defects of the walls, and its original texture and variety of colors will help create a stylish and harmonious decor. Naturally, this option is not cheap, but it is high time to get used to the fact that quality has its price.

  • Vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven base

Vinyl wallpaper is produced on paper or non-woven basis. Flizelin is a non-woven fabric, thanks to which the wallpaper gets a lot of positive characteristics: do not crumple, do not tear, perfectly lie on the surface, do not swell, do not sit down after the glue dries, hide fine dents and cracks perfectly, giving the walls a neat and tidy appearance. Glue, in the case of wallpaper on a non-woven base, is applied directly to the walls, after which the prepared dry sheets are applied to the surface, neatly straightened and smoothed.

Kitchen RASCH vinyl with gastronomic motifs - a good choice

Kitchen vinyl RASCH with gastronomic motifs has long been popular, periodically changing the stories

  • Silkscreen

A variety of compact vinyl - multi-layer wallpaper on a paper substrate with an outer vinyl layer with artificial or silk threads. Their main difference from conventional vinyl is a silky shiny smooth surface. The wallpaper is elastic, dense to the touch, resistant to sunlight, moisture and mechanical damage.

  • Vinyl wallpaper for painting

Particular attention should be given to white or colored vinyl wallpaper for painting, which can be repainted by 5-7 times if desired. An excellent option for those who like to change the situation often.

  • Glass Fiber Wallpaper

Steklooboi has a number of advantages. First, they lack a nutrient medium for the development of microorganisms. Secondly, as a dielectric, glass does not accumulate electrostatic charge. Thirdly, wallpaper from fiberglass does not emit toxic substances into the air and does not cause allergies. At the same time, they are characterized by high vapor permeability, fire safety, alkali and acid resistance. Steklooboi perfectly hide the seams between panels, small cracks and dents, allowing to get a perfectly smooth, smooth, well-structured surface. After painting glass beams with water-based or latex paints, you will get a durable durable coating that can withstand frequent washing with a brush. Recolor such wallpaper without losing the relief of the picture and the performance characteristics of the material can be up to 12 times. Steklooboi in the kitchen are convenient because they do not require careful treatment and labor-intensive care, which saves time, money and strength, which can be directed to more pleasant pursuits.

Wallpaper with a positive image positively affects the situation in the kitchen

Wallpaper in the kitchen, creating a positive mood, will increase the mood in the morning and will give a pacification in the evening

Choosing the color of the kitchen wallpaper

Having decided on the quality, pay due attention to the coloring of the wallpaper for the kitchen. For a small kitchen, it is undesirable to buy wallpaper in dark colors with noticeable vertical stripes and large contrast patterns that visually further reduce the room. In a small kitchen, it is preferable to use plain wallpaper of light shades or wallpaper with a rare fine pattern. Fill with light and warm kitchen, the windows of which go to the north, will help gentle calm shades in warm colors: pink, orange, yellow, cream. To refresh and cool the red-hot atmosphere in a sunny kitchen, it is recommended to use cold colors: blue, blue, gray, marble, green. Do not forget that all the details of the interior should be in harmony with each other.

To decorate the walls, designers mostly use quiet muted shades that create a general background and set the mood for the room. A combination of colors and textures that differ in color and texture allows you to successfully zonate space, for example, to separate the working area from the dining room. In any case, take your time with the purchase of wallpaper for the kitchen. Well weigh all the pros and cons. Appreciate the vending product under different lighting conditions: one and the same roll in a lighted trading hall and in a poorly lit kitchen can be perceived in completely different ways.

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