We understand how to set the countertop in the kitchen step by step

We understand how to set the countertop in the kitchen step by step

We understand how to set the countertop in the kitchen step by step

The table top is not only a cutting table in the kitchen, but also the decoration of the entire headset. If you started a repair and you have to replace the countertop in the kitchen, you need to decide on the choice of material. In construction shops you can buy a new table-top, or you can make it yourself. So you not only save, but also make your kitchen exclusive, once again proving yourself and loved ones that you are a creative person.

Compliance with simple rules for installing a table top will prolong the service life for a long time

Correctly installed table top in the kitchen will last more than one year

How to install the kitchen counter in the kitchen

If you bought a stone or glass top, better entrust installation to professionals. After all, you do not know the subtleties of the process, and you can damage an expensive thing. If you have purchased a worktop from the EAF, you will be able to cope with the installation yourself, provided that you have elementary building skills.

Installation of the countertop in the kitchen assumes the availability of all necessary materials and tools. So, you will need: a tile, which you will tile the surface of the countertop, a trowelling mass for the tile, a tile or mounting glue, a gun with a silicone seal, a trowel, tiles with tungsten coating for cutting tiles, a jigsaw, a set of tools (screws, screwdriver, square) and a water resistant wood stove. After preparing the tools, you can start working. The replacement of the countertop in the kitchen should begin with the dismantling of the old one. Despite the fact that the old table top is no longer useful, you need to remove it carefully, so as not to damage the kitchen set.

The use of tools greatly facilitates the process of installing the countertop

Installation of a countertop in the kitchen requires certain skills in handling tools

The new table top must necessarily be adjusted to the dimensions of the furniture. It is possible that the excess will have to be cut. Then exposed unprotected edges of chipboard. This material quickly absorbs moisture, so treat the spili with a sealant. If you install the table top with spills to the plate, it is better to close them with special end plates.

All tables must be leveled, otherwise the appearance of the kitchen may deteriorate

In order not to disturb the harmony of the interior, all tables need to be set according to the level

Difficulties in replacing table tops

A set of many countertops includes a special edge with glue, which is easy to glue to the saws with an iron. After gluing the edge is processed with a knife and file. But the quality of gluing such edge is not the highest, the end plate is much better.

It is very important that your table top rests evenly on all tables. So, they must be exhibited in terms of level.

Installation of kitchen countertops is a simple but responsible process

A painstaking work on installing the table top will give an excellent result

Saw holes for the hob and the sink can be electric jigsaw. Do not forget to work with the sealant. It is better to install the washer on the sealant, do not use the adhesive tape. Avoid installing the mixer directly in the worktop from the chipboard. Around the faucet moisture will inevitably accumulate, which will lead to swelling of the countertop.

Along the wall, install the wall edge, after pretreating the joint between the countertop and the wall with a sealant.

The edges of the table top can be protected from increased humidity with the help of sealant

Treatment of the edges of the sink with a sealant is a prerequisite to protect the worktop from high humidity

Modern technology allows you to produce such countertops, which are well resistant to moisture and mechanical damage. But wrong installation can spoil everything. Therefore, be extremely careful when installing the table top with your own hands.

How to make a kitchen countertop for your kitchen


The most popular tabletops are hand-made are table tops, tiled with tiles, so we'll stop at making such a table top.

Choose a tile so that it is in harmony with the kitchen apron. The best choice for the kitchen is porcelain stoneware. On strength, it is almost inferior to natural stone, it is characterized by low water absorption, high wear resistance, and a wide range of colors. When choosing ceramic granite you need to take into account the relief of its surface. The textured surface has its pros and cons. The relief looks great, but during operation it is possible to accumulate dust, dirt and grease in the protrusions on the tile. This makes it much more difficult to clean the countertop, so it's best to choose a polished surface. For cladding, you can choose a mosaic, a small tile (10x10, 7x7) or a large tile (30x30, 60x60). The choice depends on the size of the kitchen and the lining of the apron.

Beautiful appearance and practicality - the main advantages of the table top from tile

The top of the tile has not only an attractive appearance, but also practical advantages

The tile top usually differs markedly from the old countertop, because the tile layer will make it twice as thick. To the surface of the table remained flat, it is necessary to "drown" the structure in the body. For this, it is necessary to construct in the depth of the table a supporting frame on which the table top of the tile will rest. Changing the distance between the vertical elements of the table, proceed to cut out the support from the chipboard. The next stage of work is fixation. Using a mounting adhesive, we attach the support to the walls of the table at the depth of the thickness of the chipboard. As soon as the glue comes to grips with the surface, we fix screws with screws. All parts of the structure must be treated with waterproof impregnation for wood. In no case can you save on the design, since it, in fact, is the basis of the countertop. Now proceed to sawing.

Technology of installing a tiled worktop

The new table cover is carefully cut from the chipboard. To do this, you must first make all the measurements. If you plan to make a built-in countertop, then measurements should be made taking into account the holes for the hob and the sink. The cut out panel is installed on the carrier frame. In the places of contact of the countertop with supports it must be lubricated with mounting glue and additionally fixed with screws. Now we begin to isolate the spills in order to avoid their potential contact with water. To do this, use silicone sealant.

Accuracy and accuracy when working with tiles - the main conditions for the satisfaction of the result of their work

Work with tiles requires certain skills and accuracy

Now we work with the tile. The laying of standard tiles must be planned in advance. Try to draw the table top so that whole tiles fall on the joints of vertical and horizontal surfaces. Part of the tile should be cut using a tungsten-coated file, a tile cutter or special forceps. Note that even specialists sometimes allow marriage at this stage of work, so buy a tile with a margin. Working with the mosaic is much simpler, laying can be done without additional planning, because a small tile is more convenient to place on the surface. Having made a table top from a tile it is possible not to stop, and to continue to lay a tile on an apron.

Grouting on the table top

Tile should be laid on the adhesive, which is suitable for chipboard. We leave the finished table-top in peace. Water should evaporate from the glue, and the tile should firmly grasp the surface. The final stage is a paneling. The worktop will regularly be subjected to extreme loads - contact with hot temperature, moisture, grease and cleaning agents, so ordinary grouting here may not be suitable. The most suitable material for this purpose is a grout based on epoxy resin. They are more resistant to aggressive components. It should be taken into account that working with epoxy resins is quite difficult, since they represent a thick mass, which is inconvenient to apply in the usual way. If you do not remove the grout residue from the tile in time, you can ruin all the work done, since it is almost impossible to remove the "dried" mass. To facilitate the filling of seams, you can protect the tile with a paint tape and use a syringe to fill the seams. An alternative to epoxy resins is a combined epoxy-cement grout. Its advantage is that this grout is easier to use.

There are several ways to grout the worktop

Grouting the seams on the table top will give it a more neat look

Another option for grouting joints is trowelling compounds based on cement, in which limestone aggregate is replaced with fine quartz. Such material is resistant to abrasion and chemical agents. After grouting after three days, two joints should be treated with a strengthening hydrophobizing compound. In this case, the tile itself is sealed with paint tape. The obtained seams will be resistant to any impacts. The seam between the wall and the table top passes through the sealant.

When facing the countertop with ceramic granite it is recommended to make a contact surface. Usually it is done in two ways: the tile is laid on a moisture resistant gypsum fiber sheet or on a cement layer. Of course, the cement layer ensures the reliability and durability of the structure.

Mosaic on the table top with your own hands will make the kitchen interior unique

Very original looks mosaic on the table top of the remnants of tiles, fragments of porcelain and glassware and other elements

Do not forget about the ends. You need to glue the entire table top, even those places where the edges are not visible. Furniture factories often save the edge, which leads to negative consequences, for example, the ingress of moisture. There are many options for facing the end surfaces. You can cut the tiles with strips and put them on the glue. In this case, sharp edges should be sharpened on the grinding machine. As a finishing material on the ends, the aluminum profile has proved to be very well, the sharp corners of which need to be rubbed with sandpaper.

Facing the corners need to think in advance. If you decide to glue on the butt of the tile or decorative curb at a right angle, then laying the tile on the countertop, take the first row about one centimeter. In order to simplify the work, laying the first row, immediately expose the end tiles. The size of the seam is regulated by crosses.

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