How to self-wallpaper wallpaper in the kitchen: details and nuances of correct stitching

How to self-wallpaper wallpaper in the kitchen: details and nuances of correct stitching

How to self-wallpaper wallpaper in the kitchen: details and nuances of correct stitching

Since the kitchen is the most commonly used apartment in the apartment, many people try to give it an uncomplicated appearance, and aesthetics have to give way to rationalism. It happens that the room because of its small size does not allow you to vary the interior decor. We have to carefully think over the presence of each piece of furniture in the kitchen. Do you want to learn how to paste wallpaper in the kitchen to bring a touch of charm to it?

Knowing a few simple rules, you can quickly paste wallpaper in the kitchen

Quickly paste wallpaper in the kitchen will help simple rules

Which wallpaper is best to choose for the kitchen

In this interior, the colors of the table top and the headset look harmonious

Wallpaper color worktops in harmony with other elements of the interior

Everyone knows that bright cold tones move the walls visually, increasing the size of the room. If your kitchen is insufficiently lit, choose warm pastel colors, and for large-scale kitchens, dark, rich shades of wallpaper are perfect. With their help you can create a mysterious and muffled atmosphere. Using wallpaper of different colors, you can divide the kitchen into functional areas.

How to choose wallpaper for the kitchen? Many, most likely, will give preference to "washable" or "moisture-resistant" varieties. Still, there are not so many variants of wallpaper "without problems" to choose among them shades, drawings, style. But the necessity of using vinyl wallpaper for the kitchen is dictated by our previous unsettled way of life. How many hoods were in the apartments of Soviet citizens? And were there many varieties of universal wallpaper that did not resemble rubber?

Now there is no need to use exclusively vinyl wallpaper for all walls in the kitchen. In serious protection only the working wall needs - the apron. The remaining walls are prone to pollution no more than other rooms in the house. Focus on the fact that the choice of wallpaper for the kitchen is wide enough, and you can choose the color and texture that you like most, even if these wallpapers are "not practical." After all, you glue them, after all, not for the rest of your life, but only for a few years (until the interior gets bored). The main criteria should be style, harmony and your personal preferences. Do not forget that the kitchen often becomes the place where the whole family gathers, and the color of the walls can influence the atmosphere of communication.

Options for gluing kitchen wallpaper

The choice of white for the background will give the kitchen a festive and festive look

The main color of the wallpaper and cabinets - white - creates a festive and pleasant atmosphere in this kitchen

You can take as a basis the color of the table top, cabinets or kitchen apron and choose wallpaper close in shade. Another option - when the shade taken as a basis, is in the wallpaper drawing along with other tones and drawings.

If you like experiments, organize contrasts in the decoration of walls. As a basis, there may be tones that are already present in the kitchen. For example, quite a bit of white and many contrasting bright colors. If you used contrasts when decorating furniture, try to repeat this combination on the walls, but the proportion should be the opposite. So, if in furniture 80% of light colors, then in the decoration of walls let it be 80% of dark and 20% of light. Do not worry that the dark color will "put pressure" on the eyesight, because there are not so many open walls in the kitchen.

Using a geometric pattern (cage, strip, peas), you set a clear rhythm. It's hard to say, radical is the method of choosing wallpaper or quiet. It all depends on the size of the picture and the degree of contrast. It is better not to cover the whole cage with a cage or peas, but use such wallpaper in the form of inserts or panels on any wall.

How to paste wallpaper in the kitchen with your own hands

It is more convenient and faster to glue wallpaper together

Together to paste the wallpaper can easily and quickly

Before painting wallpaper in the kitchen, you need to prepare the walls. Be sure to delete the old wallpaper. If you do not, the chances are that the new ones will fall off with the old ones. Or, if the new wallpaper is light, and the old ones are dark, the picture may appear, which is also not very pleasant. Old wallpaper is easily removed from the walls, if wetted with water.

After removing the wallpaper, check if there are any cracks on the surface. If there are, they need zashpatlevat. If the surface is painted with enamel or oil paint, it is necessary to remove it or at least to clean the walls with sandpaper.


To paste wallpaper in the kitchen, you will need a roller to glue the walls with glue, a brush to apply glue to the wallpaper, a brush to smooth the wallpaper on the wall, glue, two damp cloths (one you will wipe the excess glue from the walls, the other from the floor) .

Before you glue the wallpaper in the kitchen, be sure to check all the rolls with wallpaper. They should be the same shade. To cut the wallpaper on the cloth, you need to cut off the first sheet with a margin of 5 cm (when drying some wallpapers run off). Roll out the roll on the floor and combine the pattern on the first sheet. In order not to be confused, it is convenient to make an inscription on the back of each cloth - "top". It is better to have a stock of 5-10 cm, this will eliminate the possible height difference in different places of the room.

If the wallpaper is dense, they should be glued to butt, and if thin - overlap. Wallpaper glue is sold in any construction shop, it only needs to be diluted, following the instructions on the package.

To paste the wallpaper exactly, first mark the vertical line at a distance of about 15 cm from the corner near the window. If glue lapped, start gluing from the window, so no joints will be seen. To draw a vertical line, make a plumb line. Tie any cord to the cord, hold the cord by the top edge and mark the line. It is on it that the first sheet is glued.

Carry out a bend on the wall: glue a strip of 15 cm wide at the corners, at the skirtings and along the top upholstery. Sliced ​​cloths of wallpaper should be laid down on a clean floor and apply glue evenly. Then apply glue and on the wall. Raise the sheet by the top edge and align it along the marked line. After gluing the sheet, smooth it with a brush. It is most convenient to glue the wallpaper together. One man spreads a cloth, the second - a wall, one smoothes the upper half of the pasted sheet, the other - the bottom one. If the air bubble still formed, it can be pricked with a needle and smoothed. After that, proceed to pasting the next sheet.

To ensure that there are no swellings on the protrusions and corners, the wallpaper should be cut and pasted with the approach of one cloth to another not more than 2-4 cm, and not the entire canvas. At the same time, the second cloth must be glued from the corner of the wall, and not from the place where the previous one ended. Washable wallpaper is an exception. They seal the corners with a whole cloth.

Photo collection of wall-paper for kitchen

Bright wallpaper for the kitchen - the best choice

Such bright wallpaper is best for the kitchen, charging with cheerfulness and a good mood for the whole day

Unobtrusive background will create a soft wallpaper in small or medium peas

The original solution - wallpaper in peas - will also suit the kitchen as an unobtrusive background

The wallpaper in a bright contrasting strip in this kitchen is an important decorative element, animating and refreshing the situation

The freshness and liveliness of this interior is directly related to the bright and contrast wallpaper

The striped wallpaper visually lift the ceiling

To visually raise low ceilings, you can paste wallpaper in a vertical strip

Red and black in the kitchen interior looks good against the backdrop of an ornate wallpaper pattern

Luxurious wallpaper with a fancy white pattern on a black background emphasize the respectability of the red-black kitchen interior

For the interior, executed in black and white colors, wallpaper with an elegant design

Restrained elegantly, these elegant black and white wallpaper in a spacious kitchen, decorated in a contrasting color scheme

The main detail of the interior in this kitchen is a very beautiful wallpaper

Wallpapers with an original story in a pleasant color scheme can become the main decoration of the room

Unusual color combinations in the interior can look very nice

An unusual combination of colors and materials in one room can give an interesting and attractive result

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