How to make an arch of plasterboard: advice of experienced craftsmen

How to make an arch of plasterboard: advice of experienced craftsmen

How to make an arch of plasterboard: advice of experienced craftsmen

Drywall is a fashionable and modern building material. With him, you can realize the most daring architectural decisions. For example, different types of arches that decorate doorways in an apartment or house. We will tell you how to make an arch with your own hands. And what it will be - classical, asymmetric, trapezoid - it's up to you.

The original arch of plasterboard will decorate any kitchen

Unusual arch of plasterboard can become a real decoration of the kitchen

Choose the design of the arch

The arch arc is called classical with the correct radius. If there is a slight upswing in the arc, this is the Art Nouveau style. There are also elliptical arches from plasterboard, Gothic arches with an acute angle at the highest point. A complex design solution, when the arch connects straight and rounded parts, is usually called a romantic style.

The most significant disadvantage in the construction of arches interroom - a reduction in the free space of the opening. This is especially noticeable when the dimensions of the opening are less than two meters. Arches in this case spoil the view of the room. It is best to install arches in the doorway, whose height is not less than 2.5 meters.

Arch in the style of a romantic can replace the balcony door, creating a pleasant and slightly mysterious atmosphere

A unique atmosphere in the kitchen can be created by replacing the balcony door with an arch in the style of a romantic

How to make an arc with your own hands step by step

  • Step One: Project

It all starts with a project where the arc diameter and the height of the arch installation are calculated. You can even make a template of solid cardboard, which 1: 1 repeats the future arch. Then you will see how the arch looks, and easily make a metal frame for fixing the drywall.

Preparatory work is an important and responsible stage in creating an arch of plasterboard

To ensure that the gypsum board arch looks attractive and neat, you need to responsibly approach the preparatory works

  • Step Two: Mounting the Profile

For the frame, a metal guide profile is needed (many masters call it "Peshka" because of its similarity to the letter "P"). In addition, we will need scissors for metal and punch for metal. It is not recommended to use self-screwing screws, since with them the drywall does not adhere well to the frame.

Calculate the required length of the profile according to the size of the future arch. The profile cuts from both sides of the wall at a distance of 1 cm from each other. This is necessary to give a sufficiently rigid profile of the required shape. At this stage, you will need a cardboard pattern and metal scissors.

Installation of the profile begins only after a thorough check of all calculations

After all the measurements and calculations have been carried out, you can start installing the profile

  • Step three: preparation of plasterboard

It is necessary to "sew" the plasterboard with the lower part of the arch. The best is a drywall ceiling, because it is thinner than the standard, so it bends easier. There are several ways to fold the sheets.

If the doorway is narrow and the strip of drywall does not exceed 20 cm in width, you can make cuts through each centimeter on one side of the drywall, and then make breaks in the notches. When the drywall is ready, proceed to the lower part of the arch. This should be done very carefully, since all the gypsum is kept on one side of the cardboard. This side should be at the bottom of the arch, and the notches - at the top.

Bold design experiments are possible with such plastic material as gypsum board

Drywall is a plastic material that can be shaped into any complexity and configuration

The second way of flexing sheets of gypsum board is to pierce the strip with a special roller with spikes along the entire length. Drywall is pre-wetted with water. The damped and punctured plasterboard is laid down on the template with punctures down, it is fixed to the template with adhesive tape to give rigidity. The resulting design remains to lie for at least 12 hours, until the drywall completely dry. Dry drywall again becomes rigid, and it can be installed in the right place.


This is the procedure for installing the arch.

In this way, folding of plasterboard sheets for the arch

Thus, it is possible to impart to the sheets of gypsum board for the arch any shape

Installation of an arch of plasterboard

Before proceeding with the installation of the gypsum board arch, it is necessary to prepare the surface to facilitate the installation of the profile. All unevenness on the wall along the perimeter of the future profile should be knocked down to facilitate installation. After marking the height, fix the metal profile on both sides. To the arch and the wall were in the same plane, the profile should be "drowned" in the doorway by the thickness of the plasterboard. For the manufacture of arches in the doorway, the profile PN 27/28 is most often used, and the thickness of the gypsum board is 9-12 mm.

Mounting the arch of gypsum board - a simple operation, but the mounts must be reliable

When installing the arch, you need to make sure that the sheets of the Hypocarton are securely fastened

At the stage of making blanks, make a margin of 5-10 cm, because the corners very often break. Cut two pieces, screw them with screws so that the lower parts are at the same level. Mark the height of the arch along the edges of one of the blanks and remove the workpieces very carefully so that you can then screw them into the holes. Transfer the marks to another workpiece to draw on it the radius of the arch.

Mark the highest point on this workpiece (the right and left are already marked) and draw a radius. Drive a nail into the edge of the rail, it will serve as a leg of the compass. On the rail, find the position of the pencil so that it passes through all the marked points. Cut the blank from the gypsum board with a hacksaw, try it on the opening, and if everything suits you, duplicate the workpiece according to the template.

Asymmetric arch looks unusual and stylish, without blocking the space

Asymmetric arch can become the main element of the decor of the room due to its originality and elegance

After that, along the entire length of the profile cuts of 5 cm are made, and the profile is bent along the radius. The profile is mounted using self-tapping screws. Some masters recommend using the profile for the arch not 12, but 9 cm, it is easier to bend. But if the bend of the arch is very steep, lightly soak the sheet with water and let it sink in. To ensure that the profile does not bend when installing the drywall, do not apply too much pressure to the screwdriver.

For modern interiors the radius arch replacing the entrance to the living room

The radius arch, decorated with glass and metal, fits well into a modern interior, replacing conventional doors

Double arch of plasterboard, decorated with lamps, will become a bright and unusual element of decor

A stylish and elegant double arch of plasterboard is good in itself, however with the original backlighting it will be even better

After the installation of the arch of gypsum board is completed, the arch is framed by a special perforated corner, the seams are superimposed on the seams and joints. Next, the arch should be plastered with starting putty, and after drying it, finish finishing with putty. The final stage - pasting the arch with wallpaper or painting.

 How to make an arch of plasterboard: video instruction

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