How to cut drywall with a knife, electric jigsaw and hacksaw

How to cut drywall with a knife, electric jigsaw and hacksaw

How to cut drywall with a knife, electric jigsaw and hacksaw

Drywall sheets are used for making interior partitions, ceilings and shelves. In order to make installation of these structures, you need to know how to cut drywall. You can do this in many ways.

To obtain smooth sections it is advisable to use a special tool

Tool for marking and cutting gypsum board will help to get correct and even cuts

Which tool to use for cutting gypsum board

Even if you have not worked with gypsum plasterboard, you probably know that this material is made in the form of large rectangular slabs. Therefore, whatever the design you do, without cutting plasterboard you can not do. Large slabs are convenient only for sealing a large area.

The necessary dimensions can be given to the sheet of gypsum board with the help of a cutting tool

The tool for cutting is useful both for creating complex designs, and for giving the sheet of drywall the right dimensions

For cutting gypsum cardboard, masters most often use a mounting knife, a hacksaw and an electric jig saw. But if these tools are not at hand, you can cut gypsum board and a cutting machine, and a drill in the "Bulgarian" mode.

How to cut drywall with an assembly knife

The mounting knife is suitable for cutting large longitudinal pieces of gypsum board. After making the necessary measurements and drawing a line on which you will cut off, attach a metal ruler to this line, and, firmly holding it free from the mounting knife by hand, put a knife edge on the line. It is not necessary to use a metal ruler, any of its substitutes with a sharp edge will do. Keeping accuracy, cut the cardboard exactly along the line.

Cutting with a mounting knife is used to obtain longitudinal strips

A conventional mounting knife is suitable for cutting long longitudinal strips

The fault location indicates the direction by which the desired part is cut off from the sheet

The notched sheet is bent and cut at the final point of the fault

If you cut the material on the table, slide the slab so that the incision protrudes beyond the edge of the tabletop by 1-2 cm. Tear the core with light tapping, then turn the plate over and cut the drywall at the fault site. If you cut on the floor, you can put a wooden bar under the plasterboard slab to break it. When the core is broken, the beam is removed from under the sheet, the sheet is turned over and an incision is made. For the resulting edge to be even, you can process it with a plane.

The processing of the edge of the planer will allow making the edges of the cut more even

In order for the edge to be even, you can also process it with a plane

How to cut drywall with a hacksaw

Hacksaw is necessary for cutting in a plasterboard of square and rectangular apertures. The thinner the blade of the used hacksaw, the better. To cut the opening, the drywall is first drawn from the back side. Then, in one of the corners of the future opening, a hole is made with a drill so that a saw blade can pass freely into it. It is more convenient to cut, if to drill holes on all drawn sides. When the opening in the plasterboard is cut out, level the edge with a planer, and if dimensions are not allowed, use the file. When cutting gypsum board with a hacksaw remember: the tool blade should be perpendicular to the plane of the sheet. Then the edges are as flat as possible.

Cutting plasterboard with a hacksaw will allow making small holes in the plasterboard

Hacksaw extends the possibilities when cutting sheet drywall - with it you can cut out small holes

Gypsum board cutting with electric jigsaw

The fastest way is to cut gypsum board with electric jigsaw. Of course, you'll have to spend money on the purchase of this tool (if you do not already have it), but the jigsaw worth this money. After all with its help it is possible to cut not only openings of the strict form, but also to make curved lines. Just draw the plate as you need, and then put the sheet on two stools, leaving the distance between them so that the cutting line passes through this space.

Electric jigsaw - an indispensable assistant for cutting plasterboard

Electric jigs perfectly cut drywall, coping with complex lines and saving time and energy

After installing the jig saw blade at the beginning of this line, start smoothly cutting out the details from the plasterboard of the required shape. Round holes should be drawn using a compass. To cut gypsum cardboard inside the circle, drill a hole and pass a saw blade into it. Cut out the necessary circle along the drawn line.

When cutting gypsum board with electric jigsaw, a positive result is guaranteed

Gypsum board cutting with electric jigsaw does not require any serious physical effort, takes less time and produces less waste

If you cut gypsum board with electric jig saw, the edges obtained will require minimal processing, since only of all gypsum board cutting tools, the jigsaw can be held strictly perpendicular to the sheet surface. For this purpose, a special sole is provided in its design.


Sometimes it is necessary to cut the drywall in the form of a letter G (for example, for a doorway). Then you need to use several types of tools for drywall. The short part is sawed with a hacksaw, and the long one is cut with a knife. The plate is broken and cut from the back side. This work can be done on an already installed sheet.

How to cut a drywall with a knife without a table: video

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