How to choose a main water filter and install it yourself

How to choose a main water filter and install it yourself

How to choose a main water filter and install it yourself

Water from the tap goes then brown, then white, and in the kettle flakes tasteless lime flakes? Tired of paying for water and not drinking it? So it's time to think about installing a main filter - a similar filter will help remove 99% of the mechanical contaminants from the tap water.

Purified tap water

Purified tap water contains less impurities

Why you need a main filter

Filters installed directly on water mains, called the main. Traditionally, each apartment has two highways - for hot and cold water. Therefore, the main water filters are usually installed immediately two. However, for a summer cottage or a country cottage house, one filter is enough, provided it is connected to an autonomous well. Trunk filters can be used:

1) For water purification. That from the tap flowed real drinking water, you need to live above the artesian well. But usually water is obtained from the nearest river. Most municipal water supply systems are not designed to remove chemicals (pesticides, heavy metals, carcinogens).

Chlorine does not solve the problem at all, it only adds to the water of harmful qualities. It is known that in tap water, bacteria resistant to chlorine can safely live and reproduce. Therefore, a main water filter with a replaceable cartridge can be an effective solution to a whole range of problems.

2) To improve the taste of water. What is pouring from the tap, often strikes a philistine palette of amazing tastes. Hydrogen sulfide miasms, manure flavors, smack of metal and bleach - this cocktail can sometimes hardly be called water. Passing through the filter, the water becomes delicious and loses all unpleasant taste. Food, cooked on clean water, turns appetizing.

3) To mitigate the physical effects on the skin and hair. We wash ourselves with tap water and do not think about why the skin is incredibly dry, or why the rash starts, why the precious hair falls out. The whole matter is just in the contaminants that affect the veil of the body. It is worth putting * a main filter for hot water * in the bathroom - and many problems with pimples and early wrinkles will disappear.

4) To maintain the plumbing and equipment in good repair. Impurities, dirt and other hard particles scratch the surface, settle on internal hoses, make it difficult for household appliances. Suffer from dirty water water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers, kettles.

Installing the main filter

Installing the main filter

How to choose the main filter

In addition to choosing the type of filter for cold or for hot water, it is important to determine other parameters.

  • Degree of purification required

    Screen filter for water purification

    Screen filter for water purification

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