How to change the tap in the kitchen + a few tips on repairing the mixer

How to change the tap in the kitchen + a few tips on repairing the mixer

How to change the tap in the kitchen + a few tips on repairing the mixer

To any mixer installed in the kitchen, there are certain requirements - soft water pressure, simple temperature control and, most importantly, no leakage. No plumbing fixture can work forever, so during operation, there is a periodic need for repair or replacement. If you do not want to contact the plumber every time there is any problem with the efficiency of the mixer, then you need to know how to change the tap in the kitchen, and what to do if there are standard malfunctions.

Types of Kitchen Faucets

Today, the market offers a wide range of models of faucets for the kitchen, which can be divided into three categories:

  • two-valve;
  • single-lever;
  • non-contact.


Classic faucets, which are known since the Soviet era, are characterized by a simple and reliable design. In the metal case is fixed a special mechanism - a box, regulating the supply of water through the rotation of the valve.


Two-valve mixer for kitchen sink

In older models there are screw axle boxes. Inside such mechanisms is a worm screw, which, depending on the direction of rotation of the valve, presses or releases the gasket. To achieve the necessary head, it is necessary to make several turns. On the one hand, it allows more economical use of water, and on the other hand makes the operation of such a device not entirely convenient. That is why the "Soviet" versions of mixers are gradually disappearing into the past.


Helical box

In modern models, as a rule, so-called semi-rotary valves are used, the principle of which is based on the use of two metal-ceramic discs with special holes. When these holes coincide, water enters the mixer's gander, when not - the supply stops. To fully open or, conversely, to close the faucet in the kitchen, it is enough to turn the valve 180 ° in one direction or the other (hence the name - semi-rotary).


Ceramic crane-beech


Leverage mixers quickly gained popularity thanks to the stylish appearance and comfortable work. Instead of the usual two valves, in this case only one lever is used, allowing to regulate the supply of both cold and hot water.


Single lever kitchen faucet unit

The principle of the cartridge is similar to the operation of a metal-ceramic faucet-valve of the valve mixer. There are also two ceramic plates, but the number of holes in this case is three to two for cold / hot water supply and one for flow direction to the spout. If the cartridge is functional, the flow and temperature of the water can be easily adjusted.

Note: In cheap mixers very often there are problems with the accuracy of the feed adjusting, because of what all the advantages of the lever design come to naught. To avoid this, it is recommended to immediately replace the cartridge of the faucet with a better one.


Lever cartridge


The presence of non-contact faucets in a modern kitchen is not uncommon, as it was a few years ago. Thanks to a special sensor, the water supply starts when the person brings his hands to the tap, and stops when he removes them. Such a technological solution not only makes it unnecessary to constantly turn levers and valves, but also allows for more economical use of water.

The main components of the sensor model are:

  • the body;
  • induction sensor;
  • solenoid valve;
  • Control block;
  • accumulator battery;
  • adjusting valve.

When an object is brought to the sensor, it generates an electromagnetic signal, which by means of the control unit gives the command to turn on the solenoid valve. The head and temperature of the water are set using an installation valve or a special panel, which is characteristic of more expensive devices.


Principle of operation of the sensor mixer

Replacement of a water tap - step by step instruction

To change the tap in the kitchen, do not need a wide range of tools, just have in stock:

  • adjustable wrench;
  • screwdriver;
  • flashlight (if necessary);
  • a container for draining the water.

Despite the wide variety of models of kitchen faucets, the technology of their installation is almost identical. In fact, it is divided into two stages: the dismantling of the old crane and the installation of a new one.

Dismantling of the old device

Before you remove the tap from the sink, you need to cut off the water in the kitchen. As a rule, shut-off valves in apartment buildings are installed in bathrooms. It is not necessary to disconnect the entire apartment from water supply. If the hydraulic wiring is done correctly, then it is possible to cut off water only for a specific washing.

The rest of the actions have this sequence:

  1. After blocking the main, open the taps of cold and hot water to relieve the pressure in the pipe.
  1. We disconnect flexible podvodku from a waterpipe. Water may remain in the pipe, which must be drained into a specially prepared container.
water pipes

Disconnect the flexible pipe from the water supply

  1. Turn off the siphon from the sewer and remove the sink. You can do without removing the sink, but in this case it is not very convenient to perform the work on replacing the tap.
turn off the siphon

Disconnecting the siphon from the sewage system

  1. From the back side of the sink, unscrew the mixer attachment. First you need to release the nut, and then unscrew the screw with a screwdriver.
fastening mixer

Unscrewing the mixer attachment

  1. Remove the tap, passing the hoses through the hole in the sink.

Mounting the crane

Installing and connecting a new mixer

If you decide to replace the water tap, then it is not recommended to leave the old cabling. As a rule, two flexible pipes of 40 cm in length complete with the new mixer. In case of insufficient length or unsatisfactory quality of the hoses, visit the sanitary ware shop and select a reliable line.

Important! To ensure that the connection of the crane to the pipe is durable, the hoses must be made of quality non-toxic rubber, and their braiding is made of stainless steel.

Mounting the mixer is performed in the following sequence:

  1. We connect flexible hoses to the crane. Before doing this, make sure that all rubber gaskets are in their places.
flexible hose

Attaching the Flexible Hose to the Tap

  1. We put the ring seal directly into the groove. This gasket is necessary in order to prevent water flowing inside the cabinet through the mounting hole in the sink.
annular seal

Stacking the O-ring

  1. We pass the hoses through the mounting hole and fix the mixer by means of a fastening plate. The number of bolts may vary. In some models, there is one fixing point, in others - two.
hose pass

Hosing the hose through the mounting hole

  1. Install the sink in place, sealing the joints with the wall with silicone.
sink installation

Installing the sink in place

  1. We connect the piping to the pipes of cold and hot water, after which we connect the siphon of the sink with the sewerage.
connection of the connection

Connecting piping to pipes

Repair mixer in the kitchen - useful recommendations

Whichever water tap you use, during operation, there may be problems with its operability (although contactless models are less affected). Of course, you can change the tap in the kitchen at any time, but not always it is advisable. There are several characteristic faults that can be eliminated without buying a new device.

How to eliminate leaking at the base of a gander

Often, when you open a two-ventilated mixer, water begins to leak at the point of attachment of the spout. The main cause is the wear of the gaskets. The intensity of abrasion of rubber seals depends on how often you turn the gander while using the kitchen sink. To replace old gaskets with new ones, unscrew the fixing nut and disconnect the spout from the housing.

Advice! Since using a spanner is very easy to damage the chrome plated coating, the nut should be wrapped around with a thin rag. When installing the gander in place, do not apply too much force to tighten the nut due to the possibility of damaging the casing. Especially it concerns products from silumin.

seal replacement

To change it is necessary at once all seals, even if visually they look normal

How to replace the valve gate

The consequence of a defect in the axlebox is the leakage from the valve or the inability to completely block the water. If the first problem can be eliminated by restoring the rubber gaskets, then the replacement of the entire mechanism will be required to solve the second fault. In any of the situations listed, the axle must be completely unscrewed.

Before proceeding to disassemble the tap, it is necessary to close the water in the kitchen, otherwise after the removal of the axle, the flow will pour from the open hole. Then we perform the following steps:

  1. We remove from the flywheel cap, under which there is a screw.
  2. We unscrew the screw and remove the lamb.
  3. If there are decorative accessories, unscrew it.
  4. Using a swing or spanner, unscrew the axle from the body of the crane.
  5. We replace the rubber gasket or install a new mechanism.

Advice! If, as a result of prolonged exposure to moisture, the threaded joints have become corroded, they should be treated with a special penetrating grease such as WD-40, which will greatly simplify the disassembly of the mechanism.


Scheme replacement axle box

How to change the cartridge of a lever mixer

Problems with lever mixers occur less frequently than with valve mixers. Nevertheless, you need to be prepared for the fact that here you will also have to replace the cartridge as a result of its wear or mechanical failure. This work is performed as follows:

  1. Turn off the water supply.
  2. Remove the handle (lever), for which we unscrew the pin, located behind the decorative plug.
  3. We unscrew the cartridge casing.
  4. Use a wrench to unscrew the copper (or brass) retainer.
  5. We take out the old cartridge from the case and install a new one in its place.
  6. We collect the tap in the reverse order.

Advice! Cartridges for mixers can differ in their design. Therefore, do not purchase this item before disassembling the crane.


Scheme of disassembly of single-lever mixer

Apparently, changing the tap in the kitchen or repairing it is not too difficult if you have at least a small plumbing experience. The main thing is to take care and attention at every stage, especially when connecting the appliance to the water supply. If you are not confident in your abilities, you can always turn to professionals.

Video lesson: installation of a kitchen faucet

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