Our budget finds for the kitchen in Khrushchev

Our budget finds for the kitchen in Khrushchev

kitchen Design

Repair cost: 9000 UAH.
Kitchen area: 6 sq. M. m.
Ordered: in Zaporozhye in 2012
Set of “Marta”: 1,35 running meters / 2100 UAH.
Cost of gas cooker: 3600 UAH.
Plumbing installation: 1000 UAH.
Construction and finishing materials: 1700 UAH.

I greet the owners of small kitchens in Khrushchev! I will share the idea of ​​how to place the entire kitchen set in a small room.

I want you, together with me, to rejoice at my renovated kitchen. I hope this will help you solve many problems during the repair and purchase of furniture. When developing the design of a small kitchen, you need to think about ergonomics and distribution of all kitchen accessories so that they are always at hand.

The creation of comfort in a small kitchen will have to work, but the goal is quite achievable

Even the smallest kitchen can be comfortable and attractive

Our neighbors on top of us repeatedly poured. Therefore, no whitewashing helped to get rid of the yellow divorces on the ceiling. We managed to get rid of the unpleasant spectacle forever. It was enough to glue the ceiling slabs of foam with an unobtrusive greenish pattern. A small chandelier in the form of a hemisphere with a brown rim well complemented the overall range of the interior.

For a small room, the compact luminaire located directly on the ceiling

Hanging massive chandeliers are not suitable for a small kitchen, here is more appropriate compact lamp

When choosing kitchen furniture, they were guided by the color of the facades. It was necessary to taste the mix of dark brown and the color of melted milk. To choose a set for a small kitchen under the wall of 180 cm had to use not only the Internet, but also to visit a number of stores. We were lucky, we found the opportunity to order “Marta” cabinets of the necessary sizes. In the tone of furniture successfully purchased light tiles.

A cup suspension placed on the wall will free up space on the work surface

To save space on the work surface, some kitchen trivia can be placed on the walls

Above the working surface, cups and glasses are conveniently placed on the suspension.

Practical hooks are suitable for placing dishes, pothooks, cooking utensils

With these practical hooks you can free up a lot of space for the necessary kitchen accessories

Shameless daylight luminaire works locally to illuminate the workplace during cooking. This additional lighting has improved the cooking process.

For more comfortable work it is advisable to place the illumination of the working area

In a small kitchen, the role of lighting can not be overemphasized – it is simply necessary, especially if the main light source is obstructed by something

I did not want to introduce disharmony into the interior of the kitchen with an ordinary white gas stove. Long chose on the size and technical characteristics of what succinctly fit into the design of the room. They stopped at a plate with a metal unpainted surface and a glass lid, which successfully added modern notes to the interior of the entire kitchen.

A small kitchen stove is practical and convenient to use, but you can not call it very beautiful

The cooker fully meets the needs of the premises – it is compact and is combined with the color scheme of the interior

The table was made by the hands small, but practical. To use such a table, without breaking the fashion trends, in a small kitchen is very convenient. Thanks to the shape of the legs under the tabletop, it is very spacious for the feet of four or six people. It is enough to put the table during lunch in the middle of the kitchen.

A small kitchen table does not take up much space and this is its main advantage

It’s convenient to sit at a small kitchen table, but it is unlikely that other functions

Kitchen table can be used as an advertising platform

The most useful tips for decorating the kitchen can be found at the specified address

I did not want to lighten the windows with curtains. Great looking horizontal blinds of the same color as the side walls of hanging cupboards – melted milk.

Blinds in a small kitchen do not clutter up space, replacing curtains and curtains

Blinds for a small kitchen – practical solution

The kitchen is dark, as the windows face north. I wanted to add sun colors. Therefore, washable wallpaper on the wall was chosen taking into account the color and the non-strict geometric pattern. Our kitchen is always light and sunny thanks to the bright element of the kitchen decor.

A mandatory attribute is a wall clock. This birthday present is used daily during cooking, as the gas stove does not have a timer. Under them is a place for a large calendar, which is updated every year.

A bright calendar on the wall will not only help you to orient yourself in time, but also will revitalize the situation

Revive the interior in a small kitchen will help bright trinkets and useful things, like clock

In a small kitchen there was a place for a large refrigerator, which is unusually turned in the corner. The metal sculpture of the princess frog on the refrigerator perfectly matches the surrounding environment.

Souvenirs-magnets - a traditional way of decorating refrigerators

The refrigerator is located in the corner – the most successful place

The dark flooring is in good harmony with the furniture. In addition, linoleum with such ornamentation is less noticeable after the feeding of domestic animals.

Very much it would be desirable, not changing a door, to improve visual perception. Inexpensive design solution was “stained glass”. Self-pasted on a regular glass film, so that the window in the door was not transparent.

Geometric figures on stained glass have become a good addition to the design of the kitchen

Stained glass harmoniously fits into the interior of a small kitchen, giving it a stylish mystery

Most importantly, the repair was done independently, but according to all the rules of construction. Now our kitchen looks stylish and elegant.


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