My stylish chocolate vanilla kitchen

My stylish chocolate vanilla kitchen

chocolate colors

Repair cost: 60 000 UAH.
Kitchen area: 13 sq. M. m.
Ordered: kitchen “Roda”, Kramatorsk
Set of “Convolia”: 5 running meters / cost – 18 000 UAH / installation – 1500 UAH.

I planned my kitchen carefully, I wanted everything to be convenient and functional. I counted several options and looked at different furniture sets. As a result, we decided to stop at the manufacturer “roda”. It turns out that they have a budget segment “Domino”. My kitchen cost inexpensively (another 10% discount), but the result I am very pleased.

chocolate colors

The first thing I want to say is that after the installation there were no questions. Masters performed the installation quickly and without defects. There were no chips, gaps or scratches anywhere. The furniture became as if it had always been there. Colors: vanilla wenge. In my opinion, stylish, modern and at the same time, it’s nice for the eye.

Colors: vanilla wenge

When I counted the kitchen from other manufacturers, everywhere the entire accessories are considered separately (each loop). Also, you need to buy a metal sink under the sink (about 60 euros) and drying for dishes (about 80 euros). Counting the total, you get a large sum, and you start gradually removing the positions that you can do without, and make the accessories cheaper.


In my kitchen, an Austrian heat-resistant worktop was used. By default under the sink there is a metal pallet, and in the upper cabinet drying for dishes (which became a pleasant bonus for me).

cupboard with dryer

In the very first upper cabinet, a gas column is hidden.

hide a column

Next is the section of cabinets (upper) that open on themselves.

top cabinets

corrugated glass

There is a convenient and high-quality fittings, which is easy to open and close. Up to the upper compartment, I calmly get out (the door keeps open until I drop it).

door retention

Below are the boxes. I recommend not to spare money for door closers, it is very convenient. This means that the box is easy to open and it should be slightly pushed as it closes silently itself. The length of the boxes is 800 mm, which is quite convenient and functional. In the top drawer there are cutlery (separators for inventory also go by default). In the middle drawer I have towels, napkins.

comfortable drawers

The bottom is the deepest one, there I placed cereals. I also want to complete it with special branded jars for loose.

kitchen trivia

On all doors there is still a special fittings, which allows them to close silently and easily, as well as silicone seals.

The firm PYRAMIDA, built-in. The work of the cooker, hood and oven is very satisfied. Everything works flawlessly, courting is easy and easy. Although I thought that on the black glass will be visible all the droplets of cooking. It is enough to wipe with a moisture absorbing napkin.

kitchen appliances

In the outer closet hidden gas faucets, and the pipes themselves are behind the furniture. As a result, it turned out that all communications are hidden and can not be seen. Of course, this should be planned initially: lay water and gas pipes, be identified with a place for sockets, sensors, meters, tanks. Correct and competent miscalculation, by all means, will please with a good result.

hide pipes

The dining area was full.

dining area

The distance from the furniture set to the dinner table is about 1, 5 m. The door to the kitchen is enlarged, the arch is made, which makes the space bigger.



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