Small corner kitchens with a cunning "stuffing" - photo design examples

Small corner kitchens with a cunning “stuffing” – photo design examples

Small corner kitchens with a cunning "stuffing" - photo design examples

Do you have a small kitchen? Now there is no need to buy a ready-made kitchen set and try to squeeze it into your small kitchenette. The right solution is to order a ready kitchen, which will be designed taking into account the peculiarities of your premises. Ideal for small apartments are corner kitchens, which are also called L-shaped or L-shaped.

Ordering a kitchen according to individual sizes, you get not just a room for cooking, but a place where you will be comfortable and very comfortable. The advantage of kitchens on order is that manufacturers will take into account your wishes. What is more important for you - aesthetics or functionality? If you like spending time in the kitchen with a cup of tea, you should not be annoyed with the layout. Many mistresses have already made sure that the corner kitchen is an ideal combination of both parameters.

What are the main requirements for modern kitchen sets? It's practical, functional, ergonomic. Placing in one place a dining table, appliances and a kitchen set, we deprive ourselves of comfort. After all, it is impossible to effectively use all these items if they are located incorrectly. If you want everything in your kitchen to be at hand, a corner furniture set is what you need. With him in the kitchen there will be an extra space, there will be an opportunity to improve the interior of the room.

Ergonomic corner kitchen design

Corner kitchen saves space in a small kitchen

Popular corner kitchens today - the best solution for a small kitchen

Furniture, as a rule, is characterized by practicality and exquisite simplicity of planning decisions. They allow very economically to divide the "working" zone into two parts. This greatly simplifies access to each element. Since corner kitchens are most often used in small rooms, there are no unnecessary parts that can disrupt functionality and simplicity. Good looking here hinged cabinets and shelves for storing household items, spices. An undeniable advantage of the corner kitchen is the possibility of using objects of absolutely different styles near the furniture set. It can be an art nouveau table or classic wooden chairs.

Angular kitchen allows you to maximize the angle. It will become a convenient place for storing things, thanks to modern ergonomic furniture and mechanisms. Some retractable or carousel shelves are worth! They are so convenient that they become a place for storing the most frequently used things.

Designers are advised to use the wall with the window as one of the sides of the corner kitchen. Part of the countertop along the window will be provided with natural light, the interior will be very expressive, and the space will not be cluttered.

If you decide that there will be a sink or stove in the corner, be sure to take care of additional lighting in this area. It is very important that the top light is not directed to your head, but to the working surface. Very convenient fixtures that are built into the hanging cabinets.

In order to visually expand the space, only the lower modules can be used in one part of the kitchen set, and in the other, they can be supplemented with upper cabinets. Another way to facilitate space in a small kitchen - the use of shelves from tempered glass.

The Golden Triangle Rule

Effective use of angular space with engineering structures

Original engineering designs allow the use of angular space more efficiently

Why do corner kitchens save a maximum of living space? Because they facilitate access to the items that are used most often. This refrigerator, stove and sink. In corner kitchens you can embody the most daring ideas of designers. And all because designers rationally use the rule of the "golden triangle".


It is believed that the refrigerator, stove and sink should be points of an imaginary triangle. Corner kitchens make it easier to access each of these items. That's why the layout is considered functional and practical. Another advantage of corner kitchens: they open wide prospects for the embedding of home appliances.

If your apartment is in Khrushchevka, the corner kitchen will be an ideal solution. You will be able to use all available space with maximum efficiency, and this in a small apartment is a key issue.

Many believe that in a kitchen area of ​​5 or 7 square meters it is impossible to withstand the rule of the golden triangle, as often it is a choice: what to leave - a dining table or a refrigerator. If possible, it is better to put a refrigerator in the corridor, leaving a place for a small dining table in the kitchen. In any case, the L-shaped or corner kitchen layout is very comfortable. It will greatly simplify your life and become a place where you can spend time not only for the kitchen routine work, but also for a cup of tea with relatives and friends.

Fittings for kitchen furniture

The accessories are significant in itself, because it is responsible for comfort, but in a small corner kitchen its role becomes archival. It's good that manufacturers understand this, and the assortment of useful things is frankly pleasing, and there are mind-blowing mechanisms for corner cabinets even with 40-centimeter facades.

If you take a ready-made kitchen (though to what? For an order much better), the accessories are the first thing you need to pay attention to. Color and everything else - then. If you order the kitchen, remember - it starts with the project. And already at the design stage you must understand what will be filled with kitchen furniture.

Corner kitchens in small apartments oblige - cabinets should open, as in the photo. Boxes - only retractable. And not otherwise.

corner kitchen

Small corner kitchen

A cabinet of any size can be opened as needed. Boxes are attached to the facade, and to the frame of the cabinet - guides.


Wardrobe in the kitchen

It is possible in a large kitchen to allow standard cabinets with swinging doors and fixed shelves (but it is more convenient, however, when they are on the rails), and in a small one, even the cutting board should be retractable.


Drawer board


Drawer board

Very interesting option in terms of convenience and ergonomics, but gnawing doubts - will not go to the garbage and what should go into the salad?

retractable shelves

Retractable shelves for garbage

Narrow retractable nets are very comfortable. Access to content is open on both sides. Pay attention to the location of the handle. Thus, every decimeter of the kitchen will be working - and there are no false facades in the deaf corners.

retractable nets

Narrow retractable nets

When you need every centimeter, the space under the sink can also be used quite successfully. This photo of the corner small kitchen somewhat cunning - it's unclear where the siphon went.


Sink in the kitchen

But this is what the doctor prescribed.

retractable basket

A pull-out basket under the sink

Net designs are used mainly for storing detergents, sponges and other small items. You can approach the issue more thoroughly and use not mesh, but full-fledged boxes.


Mesh boxes



You can even play in the great ecologists and arrange a separate garbage collection at home (it would still be where to separate it).


Rational use of angular space

garbage collection

separate garbage collection

Filling of corner cabinets can be different. Starting from non-standard drawers and finishing with special designs.

drawers in the kitchen

Drawers in the kitchen


Carousel - an excellent mechanism that allows you to hide in the cupboards a huge number of utensils and if necessary, it is easy to get to it. And do not just hide it, but use the so-called dead space of the corner. The lower shelf of the carousel is attached to the facade and, when opened, turns with it, the upper shelf - is pulled out. They revolve around a special bar. When choosing a carousel, you need to pay attention to the covering of the shelves (so that the objects do not slip when moving), the material and the covering of the parts (the bar is metal and chrome, not plastic and Christmas shiny ones), the presence of several levels of fixing the shelves.
The carousel consists of a supporting axis, bracket, traction, shelves and fasteners.


Shelves Carousel

magic corner

The Magic Corner for the Kitchen

The Magic Corner

"Magic corner" - another option for filling the corner lower cabinet. Here the shelves are attached to the facade, and they leave at the opening. Smooth stroke provides a gas shock absorber. In the closed state, the distant shelves go to the dead zone, and the near ones are located behind the facade.

Kitchen Area

Kitchen Corner

Mechanisms for upper kitchen cabinets

For the upper corner cabinets use "Twister" - an analog of the carousel, with a shifted axis.

corner cupboard

Upper corner cabinet

Another option is the push-regiment. Not for any kitchen, as the façade is included (this is an integral part of the design). Here it is aluminum (metal fits almost everything, because without it the kitchen is not a kitchen, so the restrictions are minimal). The facade is a touch, from the click it moves, opens access to the contents, and closes back, making a full turn.


Push-Shelf in the kitchen

Shock absorbers for kitchen cabinets

The presence of door closers at the guides of each drawer and the hinges of each door is not even discussed. The roar of the closet closets may be good for the kitchen of Julia Vysotskaya (as if hinting that everything is serious, they cook here, even slam the doors), but in everyday life creates discomfort. To the good accessories closers are included, but separately sold.


Box closers

gas lifts

Gas lifts for folding doors


Door on elevators


Loop with closers

How it works

Often you can meet advice to save on the door closer, putting one, and not two, but this leads to an incorrect distribution of the load, and as a result, the loop pulls out "with meat," that is, with a piece of chipboard chassis. If you really save, so do not take the door closers at all, and be satisfied with rubber pads (damper, in a clever way) - there will not be a rumble (although there will not be a smooth beautiful move either).

Another advantage of elevators and door closers - the doors are closed from a slight push. Without shock absorbers this natural movement does not always lead to the result - it seems that the closet closed, but in reality it then hit her head at the corner of the open door and opened her forehead. With the lifts, the doors will be closed like clockwork (shock absorbers, by the way, are also oily, but they are temperature dependent, it is better not to take them).


Reiling - crossbeam (engl.). Actually, it is. A barbell is attached to the wall, and to the bar - almost anything (pay attention to the weight and the permissible load - this characteristic is indicated) is hung on hooks.

What's bad here?


Drawers in the kitchen

The shelf is where the rails should be. The shelf, of course, is pretty, but there's no use to it.


Kitchen interior

Retractable block of sockets

And do not forget about the little things: it is better not to make outlets on the walls, but to buy a sliding block is very convenient and practical (the harnesses are not soiled, the inevitable fat and other contaminants do not settle on them, they do not take place). The fittings of the outlet do not have a relationship, but to the comfortable operation of the kitchen as a whole - the most direct. Hidden blocks are different - cylindrical, rectangular, one-sided and bilateral (they developed this charm for offices, but in the kitchen it came in handy even more). This touch-mechanism - responds to the press. Moves both up (for the countertop) and down (for hinged cabinets).


Adherents of the classics for the corner kitchen recommend special outlets.


Special Sockets

Kitchenette for dining area

In the corner kitchen of a small apartment there is one problem (however, not in the corner one, too) - a dining table. It seems that kitchen furniture occupies only two sides, but on the third one there is a door, and with the fourth it requires a free approach either to the refrigerator or to the sink. The problem is solved by corner furniture. Maybe sitting at the table is not so comfortable, but the space "corner" accurately protects, because it fits neatly into that single remaining free angle.

dinner table

Kitchen dining table


Kitchen Area

If there are not enough seats, we recommend that you pay attention to the folding tables.


Folding table

Okun also does not need to occupy the whole wall.

kitchen table

Kitchen table by the window

Of course, the dining room of Windsor Castle does not work, but it will be convenient, and this is the main thing. Remember: there is always a solution. Even for a 5-meter kitchen there is a suitable project.

kitchen furniture

Folding table and chairs

And the bar can be mini.


Bar counter

And the unhappy 15 cm there, than fill.


Retractable liners

Corner furniture with smart fittings

Non-standard way of corner kitchen design

Designers and designers constantly offer non-standard ways of designing corner lockers

Ideally, if in your corner kitchen there will be capacious curbstones for large items, and ergonomic drawers, and corner cupboards, and open shelves. Recently, the lower modules on legs have become popular. Between the floor and the furniture there is a space that makes cleaning easier. Well-suited for corner kitchen cabinets with folding or folding doors. They are very convenient and save space.

Use the rails. They help to free the work surface from cutlery and small household items. Thanks to railing, it's easy to find a place and jars with spices, and drying for dishes, and mugs, and ladles.

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