How to update a kitchen set: 3 ways to transform old furniture in the kitchen

How to update a kitchen set: 3 ways to transform old furniture in the kitchen

How to update a kitchen set: 3 ways to transform old furniture in the kitchen

It's time to refresh the situation in the kitchen, but the purchase of new kitchen furniture is not yet provided for by the family budget? How to update a kitchen set with minimal expenses? Professional designers and decorators in such cases advise to replace the old countertop and facades with new ones, repaint the "become familiar" facades in a different color or glue them with self-adhesive film, and also update the accessories. The most interesting thing is that easy facelifting of old kitchen furniture can be done with your own hands with the help of simple improvised tools.

You can update the kitchen set at minimal cost

There are ways that can change the boring kitchen set almost beyond recognition

How to update your kitchen: self-adhesive film

The easiest way to transform old kitchen furniture is to glue it with a self-adhesive film. Cheap and angry! Choosing a quality film with an imitation of wood, marble, tile, natural leather or stone, you can give your kitchen, if not an exclusive, then a very decent appearance. Waterproof vinyl film, its resistance to high temperatures and mechanical effects for a long time will preserve the pristine beauty of your design impulse. If you know how to handle centimeters and scissors, you should not have any special difficulties with film facelift. The main thing that you need - accuracy and patience.

Necessary materials:

  • adhesive tape
  • centimeter
  • ruler
  • sharp scissors
  • stationery knife
  • plastic scraper for smoothing
One of the most accessible ways is to use a self-adhesive film

The easiest way to transform old kitchen furniture is to glue it with self-adhesive film

Step-by-step instruction:

Step 1: We measure the lockers of the kitchen set: facades, sidewalls, drawers. For a better and more convenient work, the facades should be removed and laid on a flat surface.

Step 2: Remove the handles and the rest of the hardware. With a wet sponge, carefully wash all the cupboards and drawers, paying special attention to the removal of fat spots. On the surfaces for sticking, there should be no traces of grease, dust and other contaminants. It should be perfectly smooth, clean, dry and smooth. Otherwise, during use in problematic areas, the film will bubble and depart from the surface. After wet cleaning, we must wipe all the cabinets dry.

Step 3: On the protective paper layer, a centimeter grid is placed on the back of the sticker, which greatly facilitates the cutting and cutting of the film. We note the necessary dimensions for each part. If all measurements are taken accurately, it is still desirable to leave a margin of 1-2 cm. In places where the bends are, add 2 cm. If you selected a film with a repeating pattern, trace it on the front side so that the rapports of the pattern match.

Step 4: Open with a stationery knife on the ruler. Curvilinear patterns are cut out with sharp scissors according to preliminary marking with a marker or pencil.

Successfully matched film with a beautiful pattern can completely transform the old set

The kitchen set, pasted with a self-adhesive film with an elegant pattern, immediately acquires a refined and unusual appearance

Step 5: Undo a couple of centimeters of protective paper, with adhesive side, apply the film to the facade. A plastic scraper smooths the glued area to remove air bubbles and other irregularities from under the film. We do not glue the film at once with the entire layer, but gradually removing the protective paper by 5-10 centimeters carefully rubbing each traversed area with a scraper. Do not hurry! Any hillocks and irregularities will be especially noticeable on a monophonic surface, but on the mottled ornament they are less noticeable. Smooth the film from the center to the edges. Small air bubbles under the film can be pierced with a thin sewing needle, and large cut with a sharp knife and smooth the film.


If the film is uneven when applying, do not panic! It's not the end of the world. Case reparable! The self-adhesive film will be permanently stuck in only a few hours, so you have enough time to remove the film from the failed section and paste it again.

Step 6: We perform similar operations with all other facades of the kitchen set, as well as shelves and drawers. For a complete transformation as a final touch, we change furniture fittings, in particular pens, but new ones and return the facades to their places.

If you just need to add a couple of bright accents, refresh the interior with new colors and nuances, it's enough to use interior vinyl stickers. They can be applied to any furniture with smooth facades, they are made of durable material, so they perfectly tolerate wet cleaning and do not require careful care.

Replacement of old facades with new ones - a radical way of renewing kitchen furniture

The most radical way to update the kitchen set is to replace the old facades with new ones

How to update old kitchen furniture: replacing facades

Need a cardinal budget redesign? Replace the old facades with new ones! This is not only the most radical, but also the most costly way of updating old kitchen furniture, but still it will cost considerably less than buying a new kitchen set. If you have a modular kitchen or a model that is still popular, it is not difficult to get ready-made facades. For exclusive and out-of-date models of kitchen sets will have to manufacture facades on an individual order, the benefit of companies providing these services today is plentiful. When ordering the facade, you can choose for your kitchen not only the original design, but also the optimal material in relation to "price-quality." Economy options: inexpensive wood (usually pine), chipboard, plastic. A more solid new thing: the facades of MDF and the array of valuable wood.

In some cases it will be necessary to manufacture facades by individual order

For exclusive and out-of-date models of kitchen sets will have to manufacture the facades by individual order

Installation of new kitchen facades can be entrusted to specialists who will certainly be in the same firm that was engaged in their manufacture, or install them yourself. To do this, remove the old doors by unscrewing the screws and fixing the hinges. Finished doors and front walls of boxes in stores are usually sold in raw form, so you will have to bring them to mind using a standard 35 mm diameter drill. Drill new holes for the hinges, screw the doors to the walls with screws. Done! Modern furniture is collected easily and quickly. Everyone who has ever had to do home repairs will successfully cope with the installation of new facades.

How to update facades of a kitchen set: molding and painting

Quickly and effectively you can update the old headset with molding and painting

Renovating the facades of old kitchen furniture with molding and painting is an easy and effective method

A great way to quickly and simply redesign old kitchen furniture is to use molding and painting. What is molding? These are decorative overlays, which are widely used for finishing various surfaces and structures, for example, walls and ceiling. Look around! Surely different kinds of moldings are present in your interior. To decorate the facades of the kitchen set, we will need thin semicircular slats.

Necessary materials:

  • glue for wood
  • decorative semicircular molding
  • Miter saw
  • spray gun HVLP
  • glossy paint
  • drill
  • furniture fittings
  • screwdriver
  • marker

Step-by-step instruction:

Step 1: Preparation of facades. Before removing the facades, on each door and cabinet we make the appropriate digital notes so that during the installation, nothing is confused and everything is returned to its proper place. We dismantle facades, remove accessories and fasteners. With a damp cloth carefully remove all dirt. Wipe dry the dry facade with dry cloth. Since we will use paintwork materials, it is advisable to conduct work not indoors, but in the open air in a well-ventilated covered place, for example, under a canopy. We cover the working surface with a film and lay on it the prepared facades.

Step 2: Install the decorative molding. Using a miter saw, we cut the decorative molding into pieces of the required length. The outer edges are sawed at an angle of 45 degrees. Finished slats are glued to the facade, "planting" them on the glue for wood.

After the preparatory work on the facades, you can paste molding

Step 2: Installing the decorative molding is a simple but neat operation

Step 3: Marker places for the installation of fittings and fixtures. Drill holes with a drill or perforator.

Step 4: Primer the surface. We fill the paint reservoir in the spray gun with a primer. Primer is applied from a distance of 15-20 cm. We wait about an hour until it dries completely.

Before applying to the facades paint, they must be carefully prepared with a primer

Step 4: Primer the surface before applying the paint

Step 5: Painting. When the primer is completely dry, we fill the spray gun with deck paint. Painting is carried out similar to the primer at a distance of 15-20 cm. To create an original pattern or ornament on the surface, you can use special stencils. If after drying the finish coat of paint, roughness and other imperfections are visible on the surface, we apply one more coat of paint for a perfect result.

You can apply paint in many ways, the main thing is that it should lie evenly, without sagging

Step 5: Painting is done in any convenient way - brush, roller or spray

Step 6: Installation of facades. From the old facades there is not a trace left! Go guess what to fix. It's good that we took care of this in advance. Focusing on the digital signage on the facades and lockers, we return each door to its original place, using screws and a screwdriver. We install new accessories and admire the creation of our own hands!

How to update an old kitchen set with your own hands: decorative inserts

After repairing the kitchen, your old kitchen set does not fit into the new environment? No problem! Case reparable! Renovate the design of the old kitchen furniture will help the interlocking with the kitchen interior decorative inserts from wallpaper, self-adhesive film, ceramic tile or rattan.

How to update an old kitchen set with your own hands: decorative inserts of ceramic tiles

An unusual way to update the kitchen set - the use of ceramic tiles as a decoration

We decorate kitchen furniture with ceramic tiles

How to make facelift of an old kitchen cabinet with ceramic tiles? As easy as pie! Remove the doors of the kitchen cabinet from the hinges, carefully clean the surface, if desired, paint it in the right color. With the help of tile glue we glue the tile to the facade. To make everything look as neat and beautiful as possible, around the "tiled application" create a frame of decorative molding. Total and delov something!

The decoration with ceramic tiles is usually well combined with decorative molding

To make everything look as neat and beautiful as possible, around the "tiled application" create a frame of decorative molding

We decorate the facades of the old kitchen with rattan inserts

Necessary materials:

  • rattan
  • sharp scissors
  • decorative wooden laths
  • furniture stapler
  • acrylic lacquer
  • small furniture studs without hats
  • sandpaper
  • a hammer
  • brush
Exotic view of old furniture will give inserts from rattan

Kitchen facades, decorated with rattan inserts, immediately acquire an exotic appearance

Step-by-step instruction:

Step 1: We measure the front of the doors to calculate how many meters of rattan we need to buy for finishing. The canvas can be bought in the form of ready-made rolls or on a cut, which will be much cheaper.

Step 2: Roll the rattan fabric into the tub and thoroughly moisten with cool water. Leave for about half an hour, so that the material is well saturated with moisture. In the wet form, the rattan increases somewhat in size. After installation and complete drying, the web stretches like a string.

Step 3: While the rattan "reaches the right condition", we prepare the wooden slats, which we need to press and fasten the rattan fabric to the facades around the perimeter. The coloring of the frame should be in harmony with the interior of the kitchen and the new finish of the headset.

Step 4: If necessary, the color of the laths can be changed by covering them with acrylic lacquer of the appropriate color. We put the varnish on the slats and dry it. To remove the roughness, fine-grained emery paper carefully grind the painted workpiece. After grinding, we again apply a layer of varnish, dry it and re-sand it. For an ideally smooth surface, apply 3-4 coats of acrylic lacquer.

Step 5: Bring the rattan from the bath, roll it out on an equal surface and cut it according to the measurements taken. The doors can be completely covered with rattan cloth, but the facades look much more interesting, on which only the middle is decorated with rattan.

Step 6: Using sharp scissors, we cut out the workpieces from the rattan fabric. With the help of a furniture stapler we attach them to kitchen facades. Staples are located at the edges, then they will be covered with slats and will be invisible.

Step 7: In order to have beautiful, neat joints on the facades, place the slats in the stool and saw the outer edges at an angle of 45 degrees. We cut the sawn areas with a brush with acrylic lacquer.

Step 8: Using furniture studs without hats, we cut the slats to the facades along the edges of the rattan fabric so that they close the paper clips.

To transform the old kitchen furniture, you can decorate the facades with rattan inserts

Various types of rattan inserts designers consider an effective way to redesign kitchen furniture

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