Creative design studio apartment area of ​​30 square meters. m: successful options for transforming a tiny "odnushki"

Creative design studio apartment area of ​​30 square meters. m: successful options for transforming a tiny “odnushki”

Creative design studio apartment area of ​​30 square meters. m: successful options for transforming a tiny "odnushki"

The studios are the former one and two-bedroom apartments, in which the interior walls are dismantled, and all the rooms, except the bathroom, represent a single space. This is a popular option for transforming small-footage apartments due to relative simplicity and cheapness. With a competent approach, the design of the ap. studio 30 square meters. m is characterized by a mass of advantages, the most significant of which are: an increase in the area, a high level of functionality, good lighting and extensive design capabilities.

Principles of the organization of the studio space

The most popular option - the association of the living room and kitchen. Rarely demolish the wall between the residential part and the corridor. But the bathroom always remains isolated.


Plan of a typical one-room apartment before re-planning


The plan of the same apartment after conversion to the studio

Legal aspects of redevelopment

The only obstacle to the creative transformation of the original apartment is the requirements of the law, on the whole very condescending to the demolition of the inner walls, except for the carriers (and no wonder the house without them can literally crumble). Particular importance is also attached to the partition between the kitchen with gas stove / column and living room - in this case, the wall can not be demolished. However, there are no rules without exception: if you replace the wall with doors of any type, including sliding doors, then redevelopment will not be a violation.

Another important point: in the kitchen there must be ventilation and natural light, the source of which, in addition to the window to the street, can become a glass wall or window pierced into another room.


The interior window not only illuminates, but also decorates the kitchen

Important: before starting a revolution of 30 square meters. meters, do not forget to coordinate it with the authorities and get permission to redevelop.


Application for redevelopment

The methods of zoning the studio space

New layout of the studio apartment in 30 square meters. m - after the demolition of the "extra" walls - involves the separation of the resulting large premises into separate zones:

  • for sleep;
  • for work;
  • for leisure;
  • for cooking food;
  • for eating.

The kitchen and the living room are next to each other, but do not interfere with each other

4 main methods of zoning:

  1. Color / texture zoning. The walls of the living room and the kitchen are painted in different shades / colors, and / or when they are made using materials with a different texture.
color zoning

The simplest color zoning


Allocation of the kitchen / living room with the color and texture of the walls

  1. Use of partitions.

The partition on the photo separates the kitchen from the rest area

  1. Use of cabinets and screens, large aquariums and book shelves - a list of furniture / accessories that allow zoning the territory is very wide.

Zoning space with a rack

  1. Differences in the studio floor. A small podium for a bed is the most common way to set a sleep zone in an apartment. It is also possible to zonate by ceiling swings.

The design of this apartment with the same purpose uses different floor materials, ceiling drops and a rack

  1. Play of light. Brightly illuminating a working or kitchen area and leaving in a romantic diffused light a sleeping place or a rest area, designers easily divide into any part of the room any functional parts.
kitchen lighting

Highlighting the dining room with backlight

living room

Selecting a living room with backlight

Please note: a convenient way to test the convenience and aesthetics of a new studio apartment layout for 30 sq.m is its 3D model created by specialists.

studio apartment

3D model of studio apartment

Correct organization of lighting

One of the main advantages of a typical studio interior is 30 square meters. m - an abundance of light, creating an optimistic and cheerful atmosphere. This abundance can be formed after the demolition of walls in a natural way, and may be the fruit of a thoughtful approach to the choice of sources of illumination. If after re-planning it is found that the light is less than desired, one can resort to one of three ways of solving the problem:

  1. French (from floor to ceiling) window in the living room.
window in the kitchen

French window is appropriate and in the interior in the Japanese spirit

  1. Full or partial refusal of curtains.

Some windows are curtains just sinful

  1. Additional zone lighting.

Place additional sources of lighting so that the studio interior does not turn into a mini-exhibition of modern lighting devices.

Wall decoration

If you want to fill the interior with light, choose a light wall decoration

Important: the kitchen and work area should be lighted best, take this into account when designing a wiring project.


A competent choice of finishing materials

A characteristic feature of the interior of the studio apartment is the variety of materials that, in addition to the aesthetic, also has a practical function: it creates visual boundaries for the kitchen, places for sleeping, and a living room. When selecting materials consider:

  • Price factor (it is possible to replace less expensive analogues, for example, parquet - imitating its laminate).
  • Interior design square. studio 30 square meters. m.
  • Durability. Not that when decorating a studio apartment it was forbidden to use Carrara marble and stained oak, but since a lot of its charm lies in the possibility of rapid transformation, the use of "eternal" materials is not very appropriate.

Wall decoration with the simplest materials can create an interesting aesthetic effect

Please note: with the help of modern paints and wallpapers you can imitate anything from brickwork to birch logs.


Imitation wallpapers from a short distance are virtually indistinguishable from brickwork

Kitchen and living room arrangement

Although in a studio with an area of ​​30 sq. M the kitchen from the living room is separated only visually, the specificity of the arrangement of these rooms is preserved to the full. It also adds a solution to studio-specific issues, such as removing odors and placing all the necessary furniture.

Accommodation in the living room

Regardless of the design of the studio for 30 sq. M, in the arrangement of the living room it is necessary to provide for the possibility of overlap / transformation of the zones. Most often combined with the help of transformable furniture zone:

  • sleep and rest;
  • work and rest.

Folding beds and tables, armchair-beds, transformer tables allow in a few minutes not only to change the appearance of the studio apartment, but also to save valuable space.


Application in the studio bed-transformer

The second key question of the living room design on 30 squares is the allocation of space for storing things. Cumbersome traditional cabinets here are inappropriate, but in every possible way welcome cabinets, mezzanines, shelving. To design tricks can be attributed hollow columns and compartments in the catwalks.


Podium with a place for sleeping and storage compartments in a spacious loft studio

Important: if you plan to receive guests, make sure that there are enough seats in the living room.

Kitchen area: what to look for

Even in a studio area of ​​30 square meters. m kitchen - a source of greasy splashes, steam clubs and pungent smells. An indispensable element in the kitchen area should be the most powerful hood, which will intercept unwanted odors before they reach the living room or place to sleep. It is also necessary to provide for:

  • sufficient distance between the sink, stove and upholstered furniture;
  • roomy cabinets or other appliances for dishes and kitchen appliances;
  • sufficiently large working surface.

Furniture in the kitchen is often placed around the perimeter

In the kitchen-living room of 30 squares, the usual household appliances often show a tendency to migrate, for example, a washing machine can adjoin the cupboard for dishes, and the refrigerator will be squeezed between the cupboard and the armchair. This arrangement, used to save space, is often very convenient, especially if you keep the maximum distance between noisy instruments.


The refrigerator separates one zone from another

Please note: if there is a desire to combine the kitchen and the living room exclusively for the time of eating, the screens or other prefabricated partitions will help to solve the problem.

The choice of style for interior design

It is the style that turns the studio into a complete aesthetic object, integrating organically all the elements. When you select it, you usually look at the parameters of the room, including the height of the walls, the possibility of regularly updating items, the price, and, of course, convenience. An interesting move is the use in the design of the studio of different styles in individual zones.

Important: for an apartment of 30 square meters, neither Baroque, nor Rococo, nor Renaissance is suitable - that is, no style that requires a plethora of decor and complex furniture.


Style should be as concise and practical as possible

The triumph of white: minimalism and Scandinavian style

Being very close to each other, these styles differ mainly in the approach to materials: in the Scandinavian they must necessarily be natural, and minimalism in this regard is less demanding. Character traits:

  • priority of convenience;
  • minimum furniture (popular built-in wardrobes, mezzanines, transformers);
  • maximum of light;
  • expansion of space.

The latter is achieved visually, by applying shades of white and light tones, and by arranging furniture around the perimeter.

As you can see in the photo, the design of the studios is 30 square meters. m in a minimalistic or Scandinavian style is a triumph of white and complete victory of convenience over all other considerations. Since the principle of "nothing superfluous" is optimal for studios, most often they are issued in these styles.


Minimalism: the necessary minimum of furniture and white walls create the effect of a large space

apartment design

Scandinavian restraint and environmental friendliness in an apartment of 30 square meters. m

Stylish brutality loft

This style literally boasts its frankness, not hiding any material of walls, or technical elements. It is easy to recognize on brick walls, high ceilings and a touch of "brutality".


No polish and glamor - a typical loft

The favorite element of the kitchen-living room in the studio, as seen in the photo, is the bar counter.

Important: the loft is not suitable for apartments with low ceilings.


Apartment for a bachelor of 35 square meters in loft style

From Japan to Provence: an appeal to ethnicity

Here the choice is truly huge, but the palm tree in the design of studio apartments belongs to such styles:

  • Japanese (due to its simplicity, style, reasonableness and functionality);
  • cheerful and inexpensive Mediterranean, requiring only an abundance of light;
  • fashionable and cozy style of Provence.

It is important that they all make it easy to achieve the desired zoning space.


Example of Japanese style application


Mediterranean interior: simple, a bit cramped and very cozy


Color of lavender, wooden ceiling and cute old-fashioned details: Provence style on 33 sq.m

Video: an example of a minimalist design of a small studio

For all the simplicity of the most popular styles, their implementation is fraught with the emergence of sudden difficulties (including the placement of furniture), so the creation of a design, as well as the redevelopment of an apartment, is better to entrust to professionals.

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