Is it worth buying an induction hob: the secrets of the induction cooker

Is it worth buying an induction hob: the secrets of the induction cooker

Is it worth buying an induction hob: the secrets of the induction cooker

To understand what an induction plate is, imagine the following situation. Gathered to prepare food, you turn on your electric stove and pour water into the pan. At this time, your restless baby runs into the kitchen and accidentally grabs his hands over the hob. In the case of a conventional electric stove, the case will end with a burn, but if you have an induction cooker, the baby will not feel even a pleasant heat.

While on the surface of the induction cooker will not put the dishes, it will remain cold

The surface of the induction plate remains cold until the dishes are placed on it

How the induction cooker works

The induction cooker is safer than a glass ceramic plate or a conventional plate with cast iron pancakes. The device is based on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction - the emergence of an electric current in a closed loop due to a change in the magnetic flux passing through this circuit. Thanks to the English physicist Michael Faraday, the whole world knows about the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. The development of the application of electromagnetic induction began in 1831, when Faraday made his discovery. Now it is rather difficult to imagine a modern life without transformers - they are used at every step. An induction cooktop or induction cooker is the same transformer. The surface of the plate is glass-ceramic. Under it is an induction coil, under which an electric current flows at a frequency of 20-60 kHz. The induction coil is the primary winding, and the dishes that are put on the plate are secondary windings. The currents of induction are fed into its bottom. Warming dishes, and therefore, products that are in it. The pan, the frying pan is heated, and the glass-ceramic surface, which is located between the heating element and the dishes, is heated already from the dishes.

When induction heating, the heat loss is minimal, and the heating rate of the dishes is much higher than the performance of plates and other types of cooking panels (including cooking surfaces with halogen heaters). So, the efficiency of heating the glass-ceramic surface is 50-60%, the gas plate - 60-65%. Induction heating has an efficiency of about 90%.

In principle, the work of the induction burner is nothing complicated

The principle of the induction cooking zone is simple and effective

The induction hob appeared on family kitchens in the 80s of the 20th century. It was then that serial production of such plates under the AEG brand was established. The first induction plates were very expensive. But they were not in great demand, not only because of the high cost of the device, but also because of the fact that users were very wary of innovations in cooking. Now, when the housewives already know well what an induction hob is, the feedback on these plates is more likely positive. But there are people who believe that induction in the kitchen is not the place. Perhaps, doubts arise because cooking of food on such plates requires special dishes with ferromagnetic properties.

Choose dishes for an induction hob

For dishes with ferromagnetic properties do not have to chase on any specialty stores. And there is nothing dangerous for health in the ferromagnetic properties of dishes. These are ordinary pots and pans, to which a magnet is attracted. If it is attracted to your enamel pan, it is suitable for use on an induction cooker. But in any case it is impossible to use aluminum or copper utensils. Do not fit dishes made of ceramics, copper, glass, porcelain. But cast-iron frying pans and dishes made of "stainless steel" are quite suitable.

  • The bottom of the dishes should be at least 12 cm in diameter. Then the area of ​​contact with the hob will be sufficient.
  • Pay attention to the marking, as a rule, manufacturers inform consumers about the ferromagnetic properties of the dishes, using special symbols.
  • The thickness of the bottom should be from 2 to 6 mm.
  • The prices of good dishes for an induction hob are approximately the following: a frying pan 2-3 thousand rubles, a pan - 3-4 thousand rubles (depending on the size).
  • This dish can also be used on conventional plates. But it hardly matters to you if the induction cooktop has already taken its place of honor in your kitchen, and the usual electric stove has gone on a well-deserved rest. But there are combined induction cooking surfaces in which there are both conventional and induction burners. If you prefer this, you can use the dishes for all the burners.
For an induction cooker, you can use any cookware

For use on an induction hob, enameled dishes, from "stainless steel", cast iron

The most famous manufacturers of cookware for induction cookers are Fissler (Germany) and Woll. They produce not only pots and pans, but also saucepans, woks, braziers, ladles. Wollware is hand-made, it has a titanium-ceramic non-stick coating, the thickness of the bottom is 10 mm. The dishes of these companies are not cheap, they are designed for consumers, for whom quality is more important than saving. High-quality cast-iron dishes for induction hobs are manufactured by Hackman (Finland). If you are interested in dishes that are cheaper, pay attention to Tefal (France), 4U Inox, Privilege Pro, Classica Inox, Pro Series. Pots and frying pans of the Czech company Tescoma are dishes with an induction bottom made of stainless steel at a price of 2 thousand rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages of induction electric cookers

First, high heating rate. The bottom of the cookware is heated, and not the surface of the cooker, therefore, it saves time for cooking. Secondly, electricity is saved. The induction cooker consumes significantly less electricity than a conventional electric cooker. After all, the current is spent not to warm up the spiral, but only to create a magnetic field in the induction coil. Third, induction cookers are safe. You will never get burnt on their surface and never make a fire, even if you forget to turn off the hotplate, taking off the dishes. After all, without a pot or a frying pan on the burner, nothing will be heated. A few seconds after the end of cooking, the surface where the pan was standing is not hot, but warm.

Do not worry - all food cooked on an induction cooker is absolutely safe

Food prepared on an induction cooker is absolutely safe, so all doubts can be dropped

The surface of induction cookers recognizes the presence of cookware on the burner automatically, and also automatically adjusts to the diameter of the bottom.

The induction hob has several cooking programs. If any food has accidentally fallen on the cooking surface or the surface of the cooker, it will not burn, as the surface does not heat up. The plate is attractive in appearance and easy to care for. If something spills on it, it's enough to just wipe it with a soft cloth. Many mistresses would like to see this miracle of technology in their kitchen, but there are also those who are sure that the induction cooker is unsafe.


Disadvantages of induction panels consist only in the fact that during the operation of plates it is impossible to use dishes made of aluminum or glass. It is not recommended to install the hob above other built-in appliances from metal (for example, an oven). But the main drawback of the induction cooker is its high price compared to other types of plates. Typically, average consumers can not afford such a plate precisely because of its high cost.

As a result of an unusual experiment, it becomes obvious that only the dishes are heated on the induction cooker

An original and bold experiment demonstrates that on the induction surface only dishes are heated

Induction Cooker - Harm or Benefit

The main criterion of mistrust on the part of consumers is the high price of induction hobs and their operation mechanism, which is not understood by everyone. There is an opinion that the magnetic field has a negative effect on human health. But manufacturers assure that the magnetic field that induction plates create is low-frequency and can not harm people's health, including those who wear pacemakers, but they should still be reinsured and not approach the operating induction cooker closer than half a meter. Or do not use an induction cooker at all.

The statement that the induction cooker is causing harm is not without foundation. After all, a vortex magnetic field is created. However, the damage is no more than the harm of mobile phones (and we also press them to the head when talking). The myth of the harmful radiation of induction cookers is the most popular "horror story" about this device. Food prepared on an induction cooker is absolutely not radioactive. Eddy currents, which are created during the operation of the hob, are locally limited to the body of the appliance. Already at a distance of 30 cm from the surface of the slab, the effect of the field is zero.

How to choose an induction hob

On the Russian market, unfortunately, there is not much choice induction cookers. Optimum in the ratio of price / quality are plates of the concern AEG-Electrolux. It externally does not differ from the usual electric cooker with glass ceramic hob. The price of the device is 27-28 thousand rubles. Electrolux EKD 513502 X - this is a full-fledged freestanding plate, the width of which is 50 cm, with an induction hob and an oven. There is an indication of the residual heating of the burners. They after all are heated from utensils and after the termination of preparation of nutrition still any time remain perceptibly heated. In the center they heat up to 90-100 ° C, and at the edges - up to 25-40 ° C. Other plates with an induction surface in the Russian market are not represented. True, there is another Italian technique ILVE, but the prices for induction cookers of this manufacturer start from 100 thousand rubles. All the rest is induction hobs, which can be bought at a price of 17 thousand rubles. The independent built-in induction ceramic glass ceramic hob is presented in the household appliances stores in a wide range. Consider the most popular models among consumers.

Cooktops from BOSCH

Under the brand BOSCH on the Russian market there are several four-ring cooking surfaces induction. They are panels of different designs with different number of heating zones. There are models where all the burners are induction, and there are also those where two of them are "conventional" glass-ceramic hobs HiLight.

BOSCH PIN675N14E - induction hob, made in accordance with the latest developments

Induction hob BOSCH PIN675N14E is attractive, convenient and effective

Choosing the induction hob from BOSCH, pay attention to the model BOSCH PIN675N14E, which has four induction burners, but the two cooking zones on the left are combined into one. They can work as a single heating zone (for large pans or saucepans) and as two different ones. This is the FlexInduction zone. Note another convenience of the induction panel from BOSCH - the PowerBoost function, which can be activated for each burner. This increase in power by 50% in order to reduce the cooking time. Additional power is "borrowed" from the adjacent heating zone. In addition, there is a function of recognizing dishes on the burner - it is "seen" by electronic sensors, they also determine its dimensions. If there is no cookware on the burner, the power is automatically turned off. Smart cooking induction surface also "reconciles" the supplied power with the size of the dishes in order to save electricity.

Control of the cooking surface BOSCH PIN675N14E touch. There is a digital display of the degree of heating and a 17-step power adjustment. The cost of such a hob is about 33 thousand rubles.

Induction surfaces from Hansa

The price of the model Hansa BHI64383030 - about 13 thousand rubles. This is the most affordable cooktop with four induction burners. The maximum power of this model is 3.5 kW, so it will suit those who live in an apartment with old wiring. Despite the fact that the total power of all hotplates is 4.5 kW, it is limited to a self-regulating EGO module up to 3.5 kW. The connection of the induction hob Hansa BHI64383030 is single-phase, which is an indisputable advantage. No additional preparation of the electrical network is required - the hob operates using PlugPlay technology to start using, it simply needs to be plugged into the outlet. We also note the function Booster (increase the power of each burner by 50%), protection against overheating (automatic shutdown), the function of recognizing the presence of dishes and its dimensions, a timer.

The hob Hansa BHI 64373030 has many advantages that many housewives have already appreciated.

The induction hob Hansa BHI 64373030 has undeniable advantages

Hansa BHI 64373030 - combined induction hob. It has two burners with induction heating zones and two HiLight burners, which reach a maximum temperature in 7-10 seconds.

Combined electrical surfaces from Zanussi

The hob Zanussi ZXE 66 X costs about the same as the aforementioned Hansa. But it has two induction burners and two conventional (HiLight), while one of the usual has two heating zones, which makes it possible to use utensils of different diameters and not to waste electricity. There is a function of "automatic boiling". The user can set the desired degree of heating and select the working power, for a certain time the burner is at full power, and when the sensors fix the boiling point and the contents of the pan slightly drop, the burner automatically returns to the user-set power level, the dish will continue to prepare.

The hob control is touch-sensitive, there is a function of blocking the surface control and auto shut-off when overheating. In addition, there is a timer that delivers an acoustic signal.

Multifunctionality of the Zanussi ZXE 66 X induction panel will please home cooking lovers

Combined induction panel Zanussi ZXE 66 X surprises with its multifunctionality

Other brands of built-in induction panels

In our country you can also buy induction surfaces AEG, Electrolux, Neff, Gaggenau, Samsung, Siemens, Gorenje, Siemens, Kuppersbusch, Siemens, Whirlpool, Smeg, Kaiser, De Dietrich, CATA, Miele, ILVE. On sale there are not only four-burners, but also two-burner, five-burner and one-burner hobs. There are also induction WOK-rings, which can be a segment of the hob or a separate element.

Connecting the induction hob

The connection parameters of the induction hob and the installation requirements are set out in the instructions that come with the appliance. It is recommended to connect the hob to the power supply system via a separate cable from the electrical panel. In this case, an additional outlet fuse must be installed. The connection to the panel can be either a gridless or an outlet with a grounding of the appropriate power. The hole in the table top under the hob is sawn using a jigsaw, but you must first mark the place with a pencil and a template.

After the hole in the countertop is made, the edges with a violation of the protective layer should be treated with a special agent for the worktops of particleboard - a transparent silicone sealant. A seal is also required, which prevents moisture and small debris from entering the cooking surface.

When the preparatory work is completed, the hob can be fixed in place and connected to the electrical network. Use special fasteners. Check the operation of the induction panel by placing the dishes filled with water on the surface of the burner. Do not forget that the dishes should have ferromagnetic properties (attract ordinary magnets to themselves).

High-tech lovers are convinced that an induction hob is the best choice

The induction hob is very convenient, it is easy to keep clean, and the dishes cooked on it are worthy of the highest praise

The technology of induction heating in kitchen stoves and hobs is one of the most advanced for today. They ensure the safety of the user due to the small heating of the burners. They save time spent on cooking, due to high efficiency at induction heating. They save electricity. The only drawback of induction hobs is their high price, in general, such panels are still more expensive than conventional ones. If we are talking about a free-standing plate, there is also an assortment of misfortunes. But no one will argue with the fact that induction heating gives additional conveniences, but the fact that it is necessary to pay for them is quite normal. Let your kitchen be comfortable and modern!

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