How to choose a bread maker - the best models for home

How to choose a bread maker – the best models for home

How to choose a bread maker - the best models for home

Few will refuse the pleasure of biting their teeth into a crisp crust of freshly baked bread. Especially if it is made from natural ingredients and by all rules. Previously, the hostess for this had to get up early in the morning and work all day, and today a delicious bakery is being prepared for her by a household device - bakery. The choice of models is huge. In order to determine which bread maker is best for choosing at home, it is worth to listen to the customers' feedback and expert advice.

Functions and capabilities of modern bread makers

Despite the complexity of the baking process, the operation of the bread maker is very simple. After filling the ingredients in a special bucket, the blade starts to rotate in it, the dough is kneaded automatically. When the heating element is connected at the right time, it starts to rise. Periodically, between the lifting cycles, the dough is kneaded as required by the technology, after which the heater is turned on at full power - and you get ready bread.


Breadmaker will help to stop buying flour

From the user it is only necessary to load the products inside the bread maker and select the appropriate program. As a consequence, it saves a lot of time and effort at the most laborious stage - kneading the test. Automatic baking mode allows you to exclude the human factor and get a consistently good result in the form of quality home-made baked goods - from a standard loaf of rye or white to cakes and karavays.


For bread makers, many recipes have been developed

The possibilities of bread bakers are also interesting for people who adhere to a special diet: they can lay programs for the production of low-calorie bread from different types of flour, as well as flour without gluten, salt or yeast. The functionality of bakery is not limited to the production of bakery products. A lot of budget models successfully cope with such tasks:

  • cooking yoghurt and butter;
  • cooking various types of jam, sauces, glazes;
  • maintaining the temperature of finished products for several hours;
  • baking without kneading (the function allows you to partially replace a conventional oven);
  • kneading dough without baking for pies, pizza, ravioli, etc.

As you can see, the appearance of this device in the kitchen will free you from several routine activities. Why, then, is the feedback about him not always positive? The question should be redirected to manufacturers - not all of them came to manufacturing their technology responsibly, and consumers, when identifying a quality bakery, have to deal with almost detective investigations.


The breadmaker is easy to use

Expert tips for choosing a good bread maker

In the store, it is better not to rely on the conscientious advice of the seller - most of them will try to advertise the device that they have available. Therefore, to determine the best home bakery model for you will help you write a list of basic requirements for the device and a kind of rating from buyers that you can create yourself, based on feedback on different web sites.

Classification by weight of baking

Begin by specifying the maximum weight of the finished loaf. It depends on the internal volume of the form, which are:

  • small - 450-750 g;
  • average - 750-1000 g;
  • large - 1000-2000 g.

If the family has more than 4 people, and all of them are ardent lovers of flour, a loaf weighing from 1 to 2 kg can disperse per day. In this case, you need a large format bakery, otherwise you will have to deal with baking often and several times, and this is undesirable for the device. Do not also "store for future use": an excessive amount of baking is fraught with its damage, overexpenditure of products and electricity.

bread maker

Loaf for a large family

A family of 2-3 people with moderate consumption of bakery products opt for an average-sized appliance, and people who eat them only occasionally or treat guests only with bread can well manage a small device. Correctly picking the desired size of the loaf, you ensure the normal mode of operation of the bakery and thereby prolong its life.

Number of blades

The larger the working capacity, the more complex the process and the more intensive the kneading. One blade with this task can not cope, so the responsible manufacturer equips the bakery with two. According to reviews on the forums of housewives, this model is very effective as a kneader - even the most delicious kalachi, made in it and baked in the oven, turn out to be ideal. This applies to the steep dumpling test.

shovel for bread maker

Bowl with one shovel

Based on the same feedback, there is a design with two mixers and minuses:

  • flour mixture in the process is broken into two parts, each of which is kneaded by the spatula separately, because of what the baking is bunched, and sometimes even one-sided;
  • a large bucket always has a rectangular shape (in other breads there are also round bowls and sets), so all items resemble shop loaves;
  • bake an average loaf in a three-dimensional bowl is difficult - the dough between the blades is distributed unevenly or even spreads out at the bottom;
  • in the bottom part of the finished bread there is not one hole, but two.

For the sake of high speed and quality of kneading with some disadvantages you can reconcile, and to eliminate others there are several secrets:

  • mixers are recommended to be installed parallel to each other - this way you optimize the engine performance and help to form the right "kolobok";
  • so that the blades do not remain in the bread, you can pre-lubricate them with vegetable oil, and from the ready-made loaf it is better to get a special crochet, offered in the kit;
  • after the final dipping, it is allowed to extract both blades, then holes in the finished product are not formed.

Therefore, in spite of small nuances, it is worth choosing bread makers with two mixers.


Baker with two blades

Bakery capacity

The more powerful the unit, the more efficiently it copes with bakery. Nevertheless, this parameter should not be approached from a position: the more, the better. Any professional electrician will tell you that the choice of the power of household electric appliances depends on the possibilities of the electrical network of the room. If you are not ready to change it for the sake of a new device, do not overdo it with extra workload.

From the point of view of usability, this factor affects the speed of cooking, but it does not create global differences for a user who is not involved in the process at all. Moreover, the high power of the bakery causes an increased consumption of electricity, so that it can be attributed to benefits only with some stretch.


Power is important for multi-functional appliances and professional bread makers

There are only two reasons why it is necessary to choose a high-power (from 1 to 2 kW) bread maker:

  • you need the function "Fast baking";
  • you plan to constantly bake large loaves (more than 1.5 kg).

In all other cases, the power from 450 to 700 W for household electric bakery is quite enough.

Rating of producers

The following are the traditional market leaders:

  • Panasonic;
  • Gorenje;
  • Kenwood;
  • Moulinex;

The above brands have developed an extensive range of medium-price bakery (over 100 cu. E.). In reviews, they are praised for their performance, reliability and convenience in work, but there are complaints about price, dependence on power surges and not always adapted for local products recipes.

bakery panasonic

In the ratings of the leading bakery Panasonic

For 60-70 y. e. You can choose a bread maker from a young and less-hyped manufacturer. About what it is - a company with a good product, conquering the market by dumping, or a temporary education offering a "raw" product - one can only guess. To recognize the scamper, follow the reviews. Quite approvingly, buyers respond to the following brands:

  • Mystery (Russian company, production - China);
  • Liberton (German brand, production - in China);
  • Zelmer (a Polish manufacturer headquartered in Russia);
  • Dex (a Chinese manufacturing company that offers its products under its own brand).

Little-known brands also find their fans

Choosing a bread maker, completely relying on any particular brand, does not make sense: in the rulers of even the most eminent manufacturers, there are unsuccessful solutions. There are advantages to buying branded devices:

  • developed service network;
  • support users in phone or online mode;
  • long-term maintenance under warranty;
  • availability of necessary spare parts in case of breakage.

These pluses are arbitrary, often leveled by the overpriced bakery and are more dependent on the conscientious work of the service center than on the company. If you want to check how the center operates in your city, even before buying, find its contacts on the official website of the manufacturer and contact his specialists with a request to introduce this or that bread maker. Usually they do not refuse and give valuable advice.


Some bakeries have removable bowls

Customer Reviews

If it is difficult for you to orient yourself in the optimal parameters of the bread maker, try to study the reviews: on user forums discuss how to choose the capacity of the unit or what should be the minimum set of programs on official websites of firms - types of certificates and the real level of technical support. So, by collecting information from reliable sources, you will choose the really best option for the bread maker.

List of popular programs

In each bread maker there are 3 basic programs:

  • making yeast bread from wheat flour (the most popular function);
  • baking according to the accelerated algorithm (used in the force majeure situation, when suddenly there was no bread at home);
  • the choice of the degree of crustiness is bright, medium and dark brown.
bread maker

Practically, when you can choose the weight of the product

Conveniently, in addition to the appearance of the product, you can use the program to choose its weight, so as not to put the maximum number of products each time. In addition to the basic functionality, bread makers have additional programs, the need for which is determined by the culinary preferences in the family:

  • "Borodino bread" - a rye loaf is prepared according to a special technology;
  • "Baking" ("cake") - the machine kneads, and in some models and bakes, a yeast or batterless dough for pretzels, buns, cakes and cakes;
  • "Adding raisins" - a variety of additives are introduced into the flour products (dried fruits, nuts, cheese, candied fruits, greens, seasonings);
  • "French baguette" - the function allows baking of long rolls with air crumb and crispy crust;
  • "Pizza" - the bakery kneads a steep unleavened dough for cooking pasta, pizza, vareniki.

Cupcake from a bread maker

Housewives often point to the usefulness of the timer and dispenser: without them, the process is not fully automated, because you have to monitor the sound signal and add the following ingredient in time. Also, a delayed start is convenient - morning baking can be laid in the evening.

The best bread makers for a limited budget

Breadmaker is not a smartphone, and quickly it does not become obsolete. Therefore, you can be sure that every kopeck invested in it, it will work for 4-5 years. At the same time, the technological process leads to the maximum reduction in the price of household appliances, and the average customer does not have any sense in choosing expensive models.

bread maker

Cheap bread makers pay off faster

Budget aggregates often bake no worse, and their functionality is only marginally limited. So you can easily choose a bread maker for yourself at a low price:

  • The Supra BMS-150 is a compact and economical device capable of feeding delicious bread to a family of 2;
  • Mystery MBM-1207 - allows you to make yogurt, cook rice, bake sweet and unsweetened rolls;
  • LarettiLR7606S - this model has a dispenser, 17 various functions and stainless, according to reviews, neatly assembled body.

Please note that in inexpensive bakery there may not be a display and a viewing window, and without them it is difficult to control kneading and baking. The instruments also do not have the function of memorizing the program when the light is switched off accidentally, or it lasts no more than 7-10 minutes. There is also no protection for the control panel from children.

bread maker

Standard equipment

At this stage, you probably already received enough information and looked after 2-3 bread makers. Try to see them firsthand at any retail store of home appliances to test the devices and visually try on their real dimensions to their kitchen. Check the equipment - whether there is a book of recipes, accessories, a hook for removing stirrers. Now you have everything to choose the best bread maker.

Video guide for choosing a bread maker for the house

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