Frying oven for baking: what to look for when choosing

Frying oven for baking: what to look for when choosing

Frying oven for baking: what to look for when choosing

The appearance of a convenient, powerful, multifunctional kitchen appliances made adjustments to the life of a person: more opportunities for cooking, more free time. One of these useful devices is a frying cupboard for the home - for baking, heating, roasting, grilling. Many models have been developed, varying in size, power, and type of control. We will try to understand the variety of modifications and their technical characteristics.

When there is a need to purchase a frying cupboard

The name "frying cupboard" is rarely used in everyday life, basically, this combination of words refers to the powerful overall equipment installed in bakeries, canteens, restaurants. In supermarkets and Internet shops a useful household appliance is sold in the department of small appliances for the kitchen and is called an "electric oven". Do not be confused with a microwave that has a different operating principle, although many functions are similar.

electric furnace

Comfortable mini-electric oven for preparation of main courses

The main purpose of the unit is cooking food by baking or frying. This is a kind of small oven, which, unlike a stationary dimensional analog, can be moved from place to place. Why not just buy the usual oven, which most often goes paired with the hob? There are several reasons:

  • compactness makes the technique mobile - if necessary, it is easily transported (to the country, into temporary housing);
  • small sizes make it easy to choose a place even in a small kitchen - the device can be installed on a table, on a bedside table, in a niche, on a refrigerator (not recommended) and even on a windowsill;
  • This is a temporary inexpensive replacement for a broken oven.

It happens that nobody in the family does baking and the oven, in fact, is not needed. When ordering kitchen furniture simply do not count on the installation of the oven and in its rightful place place drawers for dishes or shelves for bulk products. But then a person appears, a superbly baking patty, and buying an electric baking oven at home becomes a way out.

Thus, the advantages of an electric oven for baking are compactness, mobility, versatility, ease of management.

How to choose a mini electric oven: a technical specification

The variety of menus and the quality of the prepared dishes depend on the set of properties that the unit possesses. When choosing many, they start from the price, but this is not entirely true. Having bought an expensive and beautiful electric oven for frying and baking at home, you may encounter the fact that it has a wonderful set of functions that are absolutely not of interest to you. To bake pies for Sunday breakfast is a fairly inexpensive model for 3,000 rubles, although there are offers worth up to 30,000 rubles. and higher.

Size and internal volume of the camera

Size is of great importance, especially in rooms with a deficit of free space. You need to determine the exact location of the installation, remove the parameters and, guided by them, make your choice. External dimensions of the equipment are the main characteristics and are always indicated on the price tag or explanatory label.

The volume of the chamber is also important, since it determines the amount of food that you can cook at a time. For a small pizza or a dozen rolls, a small capacity of 8-10 liters is suitable, for the preparation of baked goods or second dishes with the expectation of a large family there are giants with an internal volume of 35-40 liters. Devices with a chamber of 48 l with their internal and external dimensions resemble an ordinary oven and are suitable only for large rooms.

ClatronicMPO 3520 (black)

ClatronicMPO 3520 (black), dimensions 22 x 37.5 x 33 cm, internal chamber volume - 12 liters

In addition to the total volume, pay attention to the structural features. Some electric furnaces for the kitchen have two separate chambers located one above the other. This is convenient when you need to prepare two different dishes at once: in one bake pies, in another bake fish. Models with one camera often have a shelf, which can also be used for convenience of cooking.

How power is related to dimensions

Like many household appliances, baking equipment has a direct dependence of the size of power. Consequently, a small device has modest power figures, and a large volumetric electric furnace - maximum. The volume-to-power ratio is approximately the following:

  • 8-12 L -800-1000 W
  • 12-20 l -1000-1600 W
  • more than 20 liters - 1600-2500 W

Power affects the consumption of energy, therefore, and its payment. The energy consumption class is also indicated on the label: economical hostesses need to focus on the marking A +++, although classes A + or A ++ are also recognized as economical.


RolsenKW-3026HP with a power of 1500 W

If you compare a compact unit with an oven, you can find another advantage - a lower consumption of electrical energy. The minimum indicator of the oven is 4 kW, while the average parameter of the stove is 1.5 kW.

Modes of operation

There are two options for setting the desired mode:

  • Electronic - is present in expensive products, is activated by pressing one button or a simple combination of buttons;
  • mechanical - it happens to expensive, and budget models, done manually by setting the necessary temperature and time with rotary switches.

Virtually all models are equipped with two important devices for regulating the mode: thermostat and timer. You set the desired temperature, choose the cooking time, and the timer signals the readiness of the dish. If there are several types of heating, you can choose the heating mode from below, from above, from all sides.

Bork W551 from 8

Bork W551 with 8 preset modes

Some manufacturers have compiled a set of popular programs that are turned on by one turn of the pen. The main programs, typical for budget products, include baking, frying, baking. More expensive devices have in the arsenal of 7 or more different modes, including cooking fish, meat, vegetables, toast, pizza.

You can set the programs of your favorite dishes manually, including the memorization function. You set the necessary parameters, then click on the special button. The next time the data is turned on, the data will be displayed.

The standard oven is equipped with 2-4 heating elements, thanks to which the necessary temperature regime is set (on average - up to 230 ° C). In addition to normal heating, convection air can be present, whereby hot air is supplied to the chamber by fans. Blowing has its advantages: the dishes are baked from the outside, keeping the inner juiciness, and baking becomes more lush.

Efba 1003

Efba 1003 with mechanical control

Expensive models are supplemented with useful functions, some of which are used daily:

  • warming up - a useful opportunity, allowing you to heat one portion or the whole dish, stored in the refrigerator;
  • defrosting - an operational analogue of simple defrosting at room temperature, allows for a few minutes to bring the product into a "working" state;
  • Grill - baking on a spit or grill, in which a delicious crispy crust forms on a piece of meat or a chicken leg.

Additional accessories - baking tray, grill, spit, crumb tray - make it easier to do this or that, and usually come with the kit.

Additional functions

The more expensive the device, the more diverse its programming menu. Many people think that too "smart" stuffing is another reason for premature failure of the device. However, as practice shows, electric stoves for frying and baking popular pasties of pies serve for a long time, and breakage is easily eliminated by replacing the part.

DeLonghiEO 20792

DeLonghiEO 20792 with convection and grill

Here are some nice extras that you can get from an expensive model:

  • intelligent power distribution scheme - integrated inclusion of heating elements;
  • several levels of lattice or tray position;
  • function of extra time for prolonging baking;
  • regulation of the degree of toasting;
  • beigle - a mode of roasting buns or toasts on one side;
  • special programs for making pizza, cookies, etc .;

There are real finds for those who do not have a plate. On the top panel there are from one to three burners, so the electric oven is a complete cooking device.

Material of inner chamber and body

Modern technologies allow producing household equipment made of reliable and at the same time aesthetically attractive material: heat-resistant plastic, stainless steel, enameled metal. Internal coatings of expensive devices can sometimes self-clean, that is, accelerate the breakdown of fat. This is due to the oxidants present in the composition of the material. In the manual, the self-cleaning ability is designated as continuous or catalytic.


SupraMWS-2106SW with internal chamber made of galvanized steel

The inner chamber of inexpensive models is often covered with enamel, which is not capable of self-cleaning. It must be wiped with a sponge soaked in a special solution for the care of the oven. The more often the cleaning is done, the easier it is to remove the frozen fat and the longer the enamel coating serves.
There is a convenient method of purification - pyrolytic. It happens automatically as soon as you press the desired button. Fat on the walls of the chamber burns, it remains to rub the inner surfaces with a soft cloth. Manufacturers recommend the use of an ordinary soapy solution, or special detergents (for a metal case, glass or plastic) for the care of furnaces.

Design of electric ovens for the kitchen

Many consider the main condition for purchasing the availability of certain functions, the quality of the material and a long service life, others pay more attention to the appearance of the products. Of course, aesthetic features are not the most important, however, if the kitchen is in a certain style, the stove must also correspond to it.


ScarlettSC-EO93O11 of traditional white color

The configuration of the units does not differ much: rectangular surfaces, sharper or heavily rounded corners, flexible plastic or rubber feet are attached to the base, the handle for opening the door is at the top (less often it is replaced by a side lever). Externally, the models differ in details: the design of the handle, the size and shape of the regulating devices, the design of the transparent part, the presence of a digital display.

KumtelKF-3125 Green

KumtelKF-3125 Green with green trim

If we talk about the place of the household appliance in the interior of the kitchen, then it is worth remembering about the color. Hardly anyone wants to install a red unit in the kitchen, made in light colors. There are no difficulties in acquiring equipment of this or that color, as manufacturers try to please everyone and, along with traditional silver, black and white models, produce whole lines of color devices.

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Before choosing an electric mini oven, be sure to check its specifications and check how easy it is to use: how to open the lid, whether the casing does not bend, or whether an electrical cable is sufficient. All information on use and care is usually stated in the manual, if you have any questions - feel free to contact the consultant.

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