7 Simple Ways to Clean the Kettle from Scaling at Home

7 Simple Ways to Clean the Kettle from Scaling at Home

7 Simple Ways to Clean the Kettle from Scaling at Home

The water in our faucets leaves much to be desired, and the question of how to clean the kettle from the scum does not lose its sharpness. For electric kettles, the sediment on the walls is not just a horrible internal, but the deterioration of the thermal conductivity of the metal is proportional to the thickening of the layer, which causes a decrease in the power of the heater and its service life (the work on weariness has not done anything better). Boiling water requires increased time and energy costs. A similar effect is made on conventional kettles - the burner also needs much more time. Result: cost overruns, premature wear of household appliances.

Scum, settled on the heating elements of heating boilers, often leads to the rupture of pipes. Whether she can break the teapot is unknown. Apparently, because the housewives are accustomed to cleaning the kettles of scale - we understand how they do it.

How to clean the kettle from scale in the home

Ways to clean the kettle at home is enough. The stores offer a wide range of special tools. Some of them work instantly, and some do not work at all. It depends on the manufacturer, his honesty. The basis of the vast majority of tablets / liquids / descaling gels are acetic and citric acids.

Teapot with painting

Common kettle

At home, vinegar and citric acid are added:

  • brine;
  • baking soda;
  • fanta, sprite, coca-cola;
  • potato and apple cleaning.

Not all the means suitable for cleaning ordinary teapots are suitable for processing electrical. The point is the duration of exposure and the proper temperature: if you need a long boiling on a quiet fire, this way it will not be possible to clean off the usual electric kettle from the scale, and the thermos kettle can.

How to peel the kettle with vinegar

Electric kettle


This method of descaling is suitable for conventional teapots and thermos kettles with temperature control. Vinegar should be diluted with water in a proportion of 1:10 (per liter of water 100 ml of vinegar), fill the kettle with a solution and put on a plate (turn on). As soon as the water boils, you need to see if the scaling has peeled off. If the walls of the dishes are not yet released from the sediment, leave to boil on a quiet fire for about 15 minutes (the electric boil will not be quiet, because the method is not suitable).

Important! After the procedure, the dishes should be thoroughly washed, boiled in it several servings of water, a good airing the room.

How to clean a teapot with citric acid

Cleaning the kettle from scale with citric acid is a universal method, equally effective for conventional and electrical (metal and even plastic) models. The citric acid must be dissolved in water at the rate of 2 teaspoons per liter. Pour the solution into the kettle and boil it.

Advice: do not bring the dishes to a state where disposal of scale will require a hard cleaning. With the help of citric acid, prophylaxis: fill the kettle with a solution, just on its walls there will be plaque, and leave for several hours.

How to remove scale from soda

Baking sodaWith soda come the same as with vinegar, but boil longer. You need to pour soda with water at a rate of 1 liter per tablespoon, put on a stove, let it boil, turn off the fire to a small one and hold for half an hour, so that the solution hardly boils.

After a half-hour boil, the liquid should be poured, the kettle thoroughly washed and boiled in it is already clean water, after which it, too, pour.

Unformat: soda, brine, cleaning

Obvious vinegar and citric acid can be replaced by non-standard, even unexpected, means. With the scum in the teapot, the foods and drinks eaten are excellent.



Logo Sprite

Excellent tool - "Sprite"

Soda is so "safe" that it perfectly copes with cleaning the kettles of scale. Yes that there dishes - sweet vodichko successfully wash carburetors of cars. "Sprite", "Coca-Cola" and "Fanta" cope equally, but it is better to use "Sprite" - "Coca-Cola" and "Fanta" may well leave on the metal walls colorful stains instead of scaling.

The method is suitable for any kettles - even a long time to keep it is not necessary (such a "thermonuclear" composition): you need to half fill the kettle with a miracle drink and bring it to a boil. Previously, it is necessary to rid the water of the gas (it does not clean the gas - the corrosive substance is contained in the water itself). The method is beautiful in its clarity. It can serve as an aid and evidence base in the matter of enlightenment of children about the harm of purchased soda.


Also a good way to clean electric kettles from scale - do not need to simmer for a long time. As the active ingredient works the same vinegar - brine is not an independent agent. To clean the kettle, it is enough to fill it with brine, boil, cool, release and thoroughly wash. Cucumber pickle is especially effective.


Apple cleaningThis method is ancient - it was successfully used by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. As a cleaning agent, potato and apple cleaners are used (not starch, but acids). Remove the scum simply: you have to load the peel into the kettle, fill it with water and put it on the fire.

After the water boils, you need to remove the dishes from the stove, leave for a couple of hours, then rinse thoroughly, draining the solution. Before the procedure, just as thoroughly clean up the cleaning, if they are potato.

How to descale a particularly neglected teapot

Unfortunately, this method does not fit the electric, but an ordinary teapot, even if it is in a very neglected state, will be cleared. Success in the method is provided by complex processing. We need to act in three stages:

  1. Fill with water, add a tablespoon of soda, boil and drain the solution.
  2. Fill with water, add a tablespoon of citric acid, bring to a boil and leave for half an hour on low heat; to drain the solution.
  3. Fill again, add half a glass of vinegar, allow to boil, leave for half an hour on a quiet fire; to drain the solution.
Metal kettle

Metal kettle withstand hard cleaning

After the procedure, you need to thoroughly wash the dishes, boil several portions of water in it "idle".

Sometimes, the sediment remains on the walls, but after such impact treatment it is easy to remove the sponge for the dishes.

Important! Do not use hard brushes, especially with metal teeth, and abrasive sponges.

Tip: buy a glass electric kettle with a heating bottom. It can not be started: transparent walls will not allow; The scum does not settle on the walls, but floats in flakes; from a raid easily removes a special cleaning agent for dishes, glass, ceramics (Cillit, for example).

Glass teapot

Model with heating bottom and glass walls

At home, it is not so difficult to clean the kettle from scale, but it will take time to spend. Sediment appears due to excessive mineralization of water, but this can be avoided by using purchased water. It is inexpensive (especially, it's a question of health: the body does not rejoice when excess salts and minerals are introduced into it), and there is no need to periodically remove the scum.

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