How the kitchen of my dreams has become a reality

How the kitchen of my dreams has become a reality

ergonomic kitchen

Repair cost: 200 000 rubles.
Kitchen area: 19 sq. M. m.
IKEA kit: 150 000 rubles / installation 10 000 rubles.

1.5 years ago, we finally moved to our apartment and the first thing with which to start the arrangement was our kitchen!

We searched for an apartment with a large kitchen area, as it is my old dream – a beautiful kitchen set, a large dining area with the possibility of seating all friends or all relatives.

I’ll start with the description of the kitchen set. Since this area is more all the same female, by mutual desire with the spouse, all arrangement has passed in my hands. Only from a technical point of view he helped me a lot.

kitchen Design

So, I always represented my kitchen in two versions: either white (milk) or dark chocolate. We worked with a designer. She gave me several options, and I liked the option with a light kitchen.

light kitchen

The first “splinter” in the repair in the kitchen was a wall covered with gas pipes. To this was added a ventilation shaft and a gas boiler, from which we have not only hot water, but also individual heating.

repair in the kitchen

In fact, we needed gas only on the boiler, because we put the oven and hob electrical (maybe not very economically, but I’m already used to it).

extractor fan in the kitchen

Having estimated the various options, including drinking in the cabinets under the pipes, we decided to close all the plasterboard, pre-laying the mortgage for hanging lockers. Fortunately, the boiler turned out to be advanced, with the possibility of hiding it in the closet. Therefore, in its place, we put a high “pencil case”.

pipes are disguised

In a large closet that took up a lot of space, I did not want to lose space at all. They made a shelf right under the boiler. There I will put the breadbox (while the bread is just lying there), there are bottles with butter, vinegar, sauce. The fact that you can not put it in the drawer, but it should be at hand. Here there are children’s sticks.

cabinet space allocation

Even lower on the shelf is the dishes I use on holidays, and any other utensils. Since this shelf is not very convenient to take anything, so I chose not often used items.

filling of boxes

I could not put the drawers down, but I already learned that the shelves at the bottom are very uncomfortable. There was an option to put retractable baskets. At first I did not really know how to use them. But the designer on time asked the important question: where do I put all household appliances? And I have: a fryer, a mixer, a blender, a meat grinder. So this basket was useful. Everything is comfy and easily accessible.

bottom drawers

Of particular importance for me was the ergonomics of the kitchen, and the first thing I stressed the designer’s attention on, and the availability of free space on the countertop. I like to cook, bake and this place is necessary for me. In the previous kitchen of this space, I had 40 cm … Now whole 80 to the hob and 60 after)))

ergonomic kitchen

True, a multimeter was formed at 80cm, which was unexpectedly presented to me and without which I can no longer live. By the way, one of the jambs when planning electrics – insufficient number of outlets in the cooking area. I have only one. It turns out that when the “cartoon” works, it is impossible to turn on the mixer or blender. It is inconvenient and unsafe to use the tee.

kitchen helpers

I consider it important and necessary to have the maximum number of drawers. Believe me! It saves you time, nerves, space!

I have almost no shelves. Only in the locker under the sink and in what the husband invented himself in the place where the ventilation column. About him more.

general form

After installing the headset, the column was recessed at 10 cm. But I could not leave these 10 cm without work). Therefore, my husband was puzzled, the locker was invented and installed. First, with it the space looks more harmonious, and secondly, in it I store all the chemistry.

rational distribution

The last is a locker with a sink. There is a shelf in it, I put a container with jars on it. When I need to find something, I pull the container to the floor. I also replaced the trash bin with a container that I installed on a sliding platform. This is very convenient when you are cleaning potatoes-morkoshku: a sink at hand, trash can, too. Now I plan to do the same platform for a container with vegetables.

comfortable kitchen

Well, the final element was posdumoyka. It turned out, because due to inaccurate measurements, the kitchen did not turn out to be a corner, the dishwasher stood separately, and we lost a place for a teapot and everything that accompanies it. The designer helped us out, the regiment appeared in the interior. I love. Although initially a similar shelf had to be just a decor and on it were to stand porcelain plates. Well, okay)

good decision

In general, the kitchen meets all our needs: a large table that also unfolds, lots of free space, air.

spacious kitchen

With the child, we spend all our time here, although we have other rooms). And according to the guests, we do not want to leave. By the way, we take guests in the kitchen.

And now a few details.

Handles made of ceramics:

handles on cabinets


The technique is matched in the same style:

style in the kitchen

Decorated for the New Year:

home decoration

I think that after installing the missing elements of the planned design project, our kitchen can be sent to contests. Thank you for visiting our site!


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