Fifty shades of gray: the interior of the kitchen is gray in color from silvery to pervanche and feldggrau

Fifty shades of gray: the interior of the kitchen is gray in color from silvery to pervanche and feldggrau

Pale, gray, inexpressive color schemes of the kitchens – is not it for you? Then think about the bold dark gray and pearl gray tones in combination with bright accents, causing, neon decor elements. In the past two years, the fashion for gray kitchens has been growing, although previously such a color for the room in which food is prepared was unacceptable.

A small gray kitchen with granite countertops looks stylish

In the interior of a small gray kitchen used granite countertops, successfully complementing the situation

When re-planning the kitchen, you should consider the option of using gray furniture, walls, flooring.

A little about the gray color

There are a few facts about the gray color that you need to know before you decorate the kitchen in such a tone. There are many shades of gray: from reddish, warm gray to mint-gray-green. There is a rich gray, and gray silver.

Light gray color is like a mist of mountain fog. It is good for decorating an apron, countertops, a floor. Light gray color is considered more “feminine” and light.

By choosing a light gray shade for the table tops, you can visually refresh the situation

Light gray countertops refresh the interior of the kitchen

The dark gray color is like a stone, in the evening before twilight. Dark gray is an excellent choice for kitchen sets, flooring, small accessories. Dark gray, in terms of psychology, more “courageous”.

Dark gray color is suitable for furnishings, characterized by simplicity of lines and shapes

Dark gray color “screams” about masculinity and blends well with straight lines and simple shapes

And still the gray color is able to calm, bring into a state of poise.

Advantages of gray kitchen

1) Practicality of the kitchen is undeniable. And the floor, and apron, and headsets get dirty much more slowly than other light (and dark, by the way, also) elements of the kitchen interior.

Care for gray food is more simple than for snow-white

Gray kitchen – it’s practical, comfortable and stylish

2) Gray kitchens look expensive, elegant and at the same time just for many years.

Gray furniture is often found in modern kitchens

Furniture dark gray color has long been popular and in demand due to its decorative characteristics

3) Gray kitchens are universal for kitchens of any size. If it is better to use light gray, gray-blue, sandstone in a small kitchen, then in a large kitchen you can play with a graphite, ashy, saturated “ink” gray.

Modern kitchen gray-beige shade suitable for interiors in the Art Nouveau style and high-tech

Modern kitchen of gray-beige hue in a spacious room reveals all its advantages

4) Gray color is magnificent in combination with almost any other color, so choosing decor, dishes, utensils is much easier and more pleasant. Gray is considered an ideal background for any subject.

Bright accents on the gray background look even more colorful and attractive

On a gray background, you can depict and place everything that your heart desires, everything will play with new colors

5) Gray kitchens recently at the peak of popularity, so that by ordering a gray kitchen, you can be sure of its style and modernity.

How to work with gray in the interior

When selecting several shades of gray, it becomes necessary to separate all warm, cool or neutral gray shades. Work will have with separate groups. Mixing warm and cold tones can bother the eye, disrupt visual harmony and introduce dissonance. How to separate shades? Look at them carefully and you will certainly feel what a shade is superfluous when you see a color spot that does not fit into the overall style.

Picking the right shade of gray for the interior of the kitchen is not easy

The choice of a shade of gray is not an easy matter, because each of them has both advantages and disadvantages

Mixing shades of gray with other colors

Naturally, the kitchen can not be a single color, be it even fifty shades of gray. Usually, gray is combined with other colors of the rainbow spectrum. Gray color is dual and requires additions. Mixing gray and green is the most harmonious combination.

Marble gray walls contrast well with a mint-green table

The marble gray walls are nicely complemented by a table of mint-green color

The harmony of gray and white is unmatched, it is the most frequent and impressive variant of a combination of shades in the kitchen interior. Here is the whole gallery, where the gray kitchens in the photo are presented in different styles and angles:

Gray-white color scheme of the kitchen is successfully realized with the help of furnishing items

A cozy kitchen in gray and white colors makes a pleasant impression thanks to the well-chosen furnishings

The contrasting floor allowed the gray color scheme to reveal itself in all its wealth

An interesting color solution for the floor in the gray kitchen once again emphasizes the decorative features of the primary color

Even the simplest kitchen in gray-white colors can be nice and cozy

Classical small gray-white cuisine is simple and restrained, but not devoid of charm and attractiveness

Metal details of household appliances harmoniously blended into the gray interior of the Art Nouveau style

To design this kitchen was chosen modern style and gray color, combined with the metallic shine of kitchen appliances

Successful decoration of the ceiling, accented brick wall and gray-white color scheme are the main highlights of this kitchen

A harmonious combination of gray and white with an accentuated brick wall and original ceiling design creates a sense of the elitism of the interior

For the Art Nouveau style, almost all shades of gray

Most shades of gray are well suited for interiors in a modern style

Further on popularity on the second place there is a combination of gray shades of a palette with a tree, usually with warm and light its shade. This design brings a feeling of greater freedom of space, refreshes and allows you to breathe deeper. For classical cuisines, Provence and country style, and in general – is applicable to any style of interior, up to technological varieties.

The wooden table in the gray kitchen stands out

In this kitchen, decorated mainly in gray tones, the wooden table successfully fulfills the function of an accent interior detail

The third, exotic and colorful – a combination of gray with bright colors, like carmine-red, orange, piercing-salad, blue. In kitchens in the Art Nouveau style – most often, since such a dualization makes the kitchen interior especially technical.

The gray-blue kitchen charms with modest elegance

Gray color blends well not only with white, but also with blue, creating a harmonious and integral composition

A bold combination of colors can be a real decoration of the interior

A bold combination of colors does not disturb the harmony in this kitchen, because the colors are chosen very successfully

Caution is needed in an ambiguous combination of gray and yellow, the two colors are fairly neutral and almost dissolve into each other.

In this kitchen, the balance of gray and yellow is still observed

The combination of gray and yellow in this kitchen achieves an ideal balance and creates a unique atmosphere

As bright accents, small accessories any color will approach to gray.

The emphasis on bright red kitchen accessories and interior elements is the main feature of this kitchen

The emphasis on bright red kitchen accessories and interior elements makes the atmosphere more interesting and unusual

Gray walls

Gray walls are a sign of a typical kitchen interior loft, high-tech, urban, as a direct association with this color – concrete, asphalt, stone and metal, the colors of the city. In kitchens, where gray walls, usually many other objects of the same tone. Or, in contrast, there are other, lighter tones. To the gray walls in classical cuisine, furniture of dairy flowers, white, beige, etc. is usually chosen.

Gray walls, a white tablecloth, wooden chairs are what the designer recommended.

Gray walls, white tablecloth, wooden chairs – a win-win option for decorating the dining area of ​​the kitchen

Even more dark furniture against the gray walls appears only in the projects of designers working with the luxury-segment of kitchen facilities.

Gray furniture

Urban interiors with elements of metal – that’s where the gray kitchen furniture meets. It is important to keep the balance and not turn the kitchen into a faceless cooking workshop at a large catering establishment. This sin is often affected by modern Russian designers.

A small gray kitchen in the urban style looks fresh thanks to light inserts

A small gray kitchen in an urban style might look gloomy, but light inserts revived the situation

But there are also bizarre exceptions to the general rules for the gray color of furniture.

For example, excellent design of gray furniture in the style of antique, as well as in Japanese style. Here the furniture clearly reminds us of old times, of the good times of traditional tea drinking, of family big dinners.

Gray kitchen in Japanese style wins from properly located fixtures

Gray kitchen in Japanese style in a spacious room looks harmonious and attractive

The color of the walls with gray furniture can be almost anything, but artists and designers recommend stopping on the classic beige, white, and on shades of purple (lavender, lilac, violet, pink-violet).

On a light background, dark kitchen furniture looks exquisite and luxurious

Gray kitchen in antique style with white walls looks exquisite and respectable

The gray kitchen with lavender walls, when properly lit, looks very nice

The lilac color also fits well with some shades of gray and can be used to decorate the kitchen

Monochrome kitchen

Monochrome cuisine is made in a single color shade. When gray is selected, the advantages are undeniable. In such a kitchen you will never feel irritated, but if utensils-utensils and kitchen accessories are just as dull, you will certainly be bored.

If you choose dark and cold gray for a monochrome kitchen, every time you eat during the morning snack, you will feel that life has failed, because it starts in a gloomy citadel where ominously gleaming household appliances, and water drips from the tap.

Gloomy cuisine in gray tones can be quite attractive

This kitchen looks rather gloomy, nevertheless, it is not devoid of a peculiar charm and attractiveness

Because choose, if possible, light, or even warm gray shades. Gray-pink, gray-orange, gray-beige – yes, there are such shades of furniture and decoration materials, but they are rather difficult to find among the mass of proposals.

The amazing gray-violet color of kitchen furniture can be considered the main decorative element of this kitchen

In this interior the gray color became not the main one, but a shade for the rich purple and successfully coped with its role

Do not be afraid to work with gray. This is a complex color, but it becomes exactly the way you want it to be – in your kitchen.

The perfect combination of colors in the kitchen - gray and wine-red - represent the room in a favorable light

A beautiful combination of colors in the kitchen – a few shades of gray and wine-red – make an extraordinary impression


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