Curtains on the arch in the kitchen - details of the decoration of the arch window and the doorway

Curtains on the arch in the kitchen – details of the decoration of the arch window and the doorway

Curtains on the arch in the kitchen - details of the decoration of the arch window and the doorway

Arched window and interior openings ennoble the interior of any apartment, introducing an element of sophisticated refinement. However, the correct choice of curtains for the arch is a difficult task, since non-standard design of windows and doorways requires a special approach to decorative design. A wide range of curtains and tulle of different styles and colors is presented in stores and online shopping resources. Experienced seamstresses can easily sew exclusive products from curtain fabrics and tulle with their own hands using patterns and photo curtains for the arch, which can be seen in magazines and on websites dedicated to interior design.

Ways of draping an arched window

There are several methods of draping arches, with which you can create an atmosphere of harmony and style. When designing windows, it is necessary to take into account factors such as functional features of the room, the overall design and style of the apartment, the intensity of natural light, the arrangement of curtains relative to the arch, the characteristics of the fabrics, the features of the cut and the length of the product.


Ideal - curtains that perform the tasks assigned to them, not leveling the aesthetic value of arches

Arches themselves are very decorative, so when the layout of windows allows (for example, if they go out into a closed patio), designers prefer to leave them without draping:


Stylistics and Design

The decoration of the kitchen, dining room and kitchen-living room should correspond to the general style of the apartment. Universal styles of interior design are classic style, Empire style, Baroque, Rococo, with the use of curtains with lambrequins, fringe, lace, drapes with festoons on podhvatah, French curtains, tulle.

kitchen interier

"Rimka" perfectly fits into the noble classic interior

As pick-ups for curtains, decorative elements are used, such as:

  • ribbons with festoons;
  • twisted cords;
  • wooden, metal or plastic clamp rings.

Curtains with picks

Arched windows in the kitchen and dining room in the Empire style, known as the imperial, require decoration with luxurious curtains, ruffles, ruffles, gold and silver embossing, decorative elements. The curtains with lambrequins, decorated with braid with brushes, and tulle veil successfully fit into the pompous entourage.

The length of the curtains depends on the general concept of the room. Long products contribute to a visual increase in the height of the ceiling and give solidity. In a narrow kitchen with a high ceiling, curtains are acceptable, the length of which is 10-15 centimeters below the level of the windowsill.

curtains in the kitchen

Curtains for kitchen in classical style

The Mediterranean style, pleasing to the eye with an abundance of light and bright juicy colors, is ideal for decorating a bright spacious kitchen-dining room. Two separate windows in the kitchen area and dining area should be draped equally. In intense sunlight, you can shade the room with asymmetrically located curtains.

interior blinds

Light tulle and shutters for interior in the Mediterranean style

Ethnic style represents a number of directions for which features of registration of interiors of houses of different nationalities are characteristic. Among the most popular varieties of ethnic style:

  • African or Moroccan;
  • Indian;
  • Chinese;
  • Japanese;
  • Egyptian.
window decoration

Arched window decoration in African style

The design of the kitchen in the African style is perfectly complemented by light blinds made of wood, imitating cane, long curtains with a colorful pattern or threaded curtains.


For an interior in the Egyptian style, it is advisable to choose lightweight fabrics with ornaments or depictions of pharaohs, pyramids, sphinxes, totem animals.


Kitchen in Egyptian style

Laconic interior in the Japanese style is perfectly complemented by smooth monophonic curtains or panel curtains with hieroglyphics, a soft geometric or floral pattern without unnecessary decorative elements. You can close the arched opening of bamboo blinds from the ceiling to the floor. Collected with soft folds, curtains or tulle with lambrequin in a stylized Japanese interior do not fit.


Decoration of a Japanese style window opening

How to hang curtains

From the arrangement of the curtains on the windows depends a lot of nuances, such as increasing or decreasing the width and height of the room, accents on individual elements of the interior, lighting, aesthetic perception of space.

Kitchen or kitchen-dining room with low ceilings will look higher if you place a direct cornice over an arch bend and use long translucent curtains with a strip or with a vertical floral pattern.

Curtains over an arched bend:


By placing the cornice at the top of the window under the arch curve, you can achieve a visual expansion of a narrow long space. The non-standard shape of the window is effectively emphasized by the fastening of the curtains on massive decorative rings or metal clips.

Cornice under the arch bend:


Among the most effective ways of fastening the drapery - the use of flexible metal cornices, repeating the shape of the arch bend attached to the wall brackets. Since the movement of canvases on the flexible cornice is not provided, you should choose a transparent or translucent fabric, decorated with a bouffet or a lambrequin.


Flexible cornices

Drapery on a flexible cornice:


In the kitchen-dining room, the curtains assembled in wide soft folds on the eyelets or decorative hooks look advantageous. Waving curtains can be placed symmetrically on both sides of the window opening or asymmetrically - on the one hand, using picks to access light and air.

Curtains on decorative hooks:


What fabrics are better to use

The material should be selected, taking into account the location of the window, room illumination and tissue density. For the kitchen, it is advisable to choose synthetic synthetic fabrics with high performance characteristics, such as jacquard, artificial silk, organza, crepe, crepe de chine, crepe-satin, crepe-georgette. Natural materials are popular - silk, satin, linen, chintz, satin.

window decoration

Decoration of the Palladian window

When decorating a room in the classical style, baroque, empire, the curtains shimmering with different shades with natural and artificial illumination of natural silk are especially advantageous. To dim the intensity of the bright sun will help light tulle, collected by soft coils.


Option for classics, baroque, empire

Important: You can replace expensive silk with a cheaper synthetic analog, ordering curtains with a lining on the wrong side so that the fabric does not burn out in the sun.

Extremely attractive are the luxurious curtains from the tight opaque jacquard, with the help of which you can create in the kitchen-dining room a cozy shaded oasis in the midst of the sizzling heat. Arched window that opens onto the shady north side can be draped with curtains from the air organza.


Dense curtains will save on hot days from the scorching sun

Flax, chintz, satin with a sea pattern - gulls, sails, anchors - underline the color of the Mediterranean or marine style in the interior of the kitchen and kitchen-dining room. Accessories in the form of cords, clamps in the form of sea shells, anchor chains as podhvaty complement the marine stylistics in the interior.

catches for curtains

Pick ups for curtains in a marine style

Curtains made of natural fabrics with patterns or small patterns are used to decorate arched windows in English, Provencal, folklore styles.

kitchen Design

Full harmony

How to draw up windows of different sizes

Pick up curtains for non-standard windows is quite a difficult task. With such problems, not only owners of private housing built on individual architectural projects, but also residents of apartments in new buildings of fashionable areas of the city. In rooms, huge panoramic windows can adjoin to narrow long "loopholes", a spacious kitchen-dining room can be designed with an arched window with a central or side exit to the balcony.

  • Curtains for a large arched window

Large arched windows are a source of bright natural light, which is especially pleasant in short winter days. In the kitchen and kitchen-dining room, a bright light is especially important. If the apartment is located on the shady side, you can do without any curtains, or symbolically drape the window opening with tulle, organza or thread curtains on the direct or flexible cornice.

Visually narrow the wide room will help long curtains from the ceiling to the floor. Too narrow a space will appear wider if you use curtains located on a direct cornice below the arch bend, a few centimeters below the window sill.


A large arched window on the sunny side in summer turns into a real problem because of the blinding light and heat. You can drape it with thick curtains, blinds, Roman or roll blinds, so that the light does not cut your eyes, and the room was cooler.

  • Curtains for medium and small arches

The arched window of medium and small sizes can be visually enlarged with the help of wide curtains on the long straight cornice, covering part of the wall on both sides. Cloth of light tones, large pattern, folds, ruffles and lace frills, decorative tackles conceal flaws and create the effect of a large space.


How to decorate a window with access to a balcony or terrace

For a window with access to a balcony or terrace, you should choose curtains taking into account the location of the door in the arch. If the door is in the central part, the curtains of two canvases are suitable, they must be symmetrically placed on the direct cornice to ensure free movement of the canvas. The curtains are in harmony with the tulle, muslin and roll curtains on both sides of the door, protecting from bright light. When the door is located from the side, it is more convenient to use asymmetric curtains that do not interfere with the free exit.


Exit to the terrace


View from outside

Provencal cuisine

Decoration of the French window in the kitchen in the style of Provence

What kind of curtains hang on the arched window in the kitchen

Filament curtains

On the arched windows the oyster looks extremely effective, which successfully combines with dense curtains and tulle. Kisei is a product made of cotton, flax, synthetic fibers, metal strings, fabric-based bamboo. Monochrome and color curtains-threads can be decorated:

  • beads;
  • feathers;
  • glass beads;
  • lurex;
  • paillettes.

Kiseiny curtains for all tastes can be bought or made with their own hands of synthetic yarn, thick thread for sewing, organza, cut with narrow longitudinal strips, and other materials.

Kisei can be hung on a straight or flexible cornice on rings, hooks or metal clips-crocodiles, sewing to the top of the curtain tape.

Roller blinds

A special kind of drapery of windows - roller blinds, are rolled up in a roll waterproof fabric with a dust repellent impregnation, are fastened to the top frame. The role of curtains for arched windows is equipped with a semicircular upper part, repeating the bend of the arch. The lower part of the roll is equipped with a strap with a weighting agent that holds the cloth in its unfolded state. The device with regulators allows you to fix the blade at the correct height. There are advanced models with electric motor and remote control.

Available in different sizes, made from fabrics of different densities. Transparent and translucent are suitable for arched windows on the shady side. With an excess of bright light, use dimlet blinds that lightly pass light, and a lightproof blackout.

Please note: The role of curtains with patterns and patterns fit into the interiors in Japanese, Moroccan, Chinese styles. When decorating the kitchen in the Baroque, Empire, Rococo, Provence, it is permissible to use transparent fabric rolls with patterns instead of tulle, which can be supplemented with curtains made of jacquard, satin, silk.


Roman curtains

A popular way to decorate an arched window - Roman curtains, are a structure of horizontally arranged strips of rigid fabric on a frame, equipped with a simple mechanism for the movement of strips, which, when lifted, gather into folds.

Like rolled, Roman blinds can be raised and lowered manually using a cord or chain, or choose a model with remote control. A variety of options are available, made of a tight opaque or translucent and transparent fabric, tulle, with patterns and patterns, harmonizing with different styles of interior design.

Important: The arched window in the kitchen can be draped with ordinary Roman curtains on the direct cornice or find a similar product with a rounded top, designed for an arch that can be hung on a flexible cornice. There are models with a fixed top.


Arched Venetian Blinds

The best option for decorating a window in a small kitchen is the blinds, which are constructions from fixed on the guide plate or lamellas, which can be rotated by means of chains, cords or an electric motor to adjust the intensity of the lighting. There are blinds with vertically and horizontally located lamellas made of:

  • metal;
  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • non-woven fabric;
  • jacquard;
  • textiles;
  • wood fibers.

Extremely popular blinds, decorated with a photoprint. For arched windows, special constructions are required - with a rounded arch-like top or a venetian blind in the form of an accordion covering the upper part of the window.


You can choose any length of blinds - to the window sill, below the windowsill or to the floor, depending on the interior design of the kitchen. Long models are suitable for a balcony door.

Austrian curtains

The window, draped with a light cloth, gathered in symmetrical horizontal folds over the entire width of the fabric, is always in fashion. Austrian curtains are attached to the rail eaves, raised and lowered using a cord. Folds are formed due to ropes, passed through the internal seams. When the web is lowered, the folds are smoothed out. If desired, you can choose a curtain longer than the window opening, so that in the lower part there are lush festons.


In the kitchen, "Austrian" from organza, tulle, artificial silk, veil, satin are especially attractive. If the sun is too bright, you can combine curtains with blinds. Any color scheme harmonizing with the interior, from gentle pastel colors to bright tropical colors is admissible.

French curtains

Aristocratism combined with grace and luxury are inherent in French curtains, assembled in semicircular symmetrical folds, cascading down along the entire length of the canvas. Lifting and lowering is carried out by means of cords stretched through longitudinal loops or rings sewn to the wrong side of the product. Curtains are fixed to the profile cornice with an adhesive tape, sewn to the top of the fabric on one side. When folding and lowering the web, folds are retained.

In the spacious kitchen look good long French curtains in combination with curtains. A small room is best decorated with curtains up to half the window opening or window sill. With such drapery are harmonized:

  • fringe;
  • brushes;
  • tapes;
  • flounces;
  • braid;
  • lace;
  • cords.

French curtains of tulle, silk, taffeta are combined with the classic style of the interior, modern style, cheby-chic, provence. Soft soft colors, harmonizing with the color of the wall coverings, are preferred: white, cream, light green, pearl gray, soft pink or blue. Suppose a soft floral pattern. Complex patterns and voluminous prints are lost in the plethora of folds.

English Curtains

English (London) curtains, which represent a cross between Roman and Austrian, are distinguished by rigor, functionality, restraint. A wide band of fabric, fixed on the cornice, closes the upper part of the window, sinking to the sides with deep wave-like coils. For lifting and lowering the web, cords are attached from the wrong side.


Particularly advantageous is the kitchen arch window, draped with English curtains made of translucent fabric, fixed on a flexible cornice. Residents of the British islands prefer to adhere to traditional colors, choosing soft fabrics with small floral print, Scottish cage, Welsh patterns. English curtains are combined with blinds, long curtains.


Lambruck is an additional decorative element of the window drape attached to the ledge and covering the top of the curtains horizontally. Lambrequins can be a single ensemble with curtains or be an independent decoration, in harmony with the curtains of the palette of colors and style of decoration. Arched window in a spacious light kitchen with a high ceiling can be decorated with a wide lambrequin of dense silky fabric with festoons lined with a wide lace. In case of insufficient light, a light delicate lambrequin is suitable.


Since this decor element visually makes the room lower, in a low-ceilinged area with low ceilings, it is better to use a light narrow fabric with vertical inserts of guipure or braid. The design of lambrequins can be varied. They are made of smooth or relief, dense or openwork, corrugated or clothed fabric, decorated with brushes, cords, fringe, ribbons, bows, lace. For the kitchen is preferred not brand-name, easily washable synthetic or semi-synthetic fabrics.

Ways to design an interior arch

The interior arch over the past few years has become an extremely topical element of interior design, which prompted many homeowners in conventional apartment buildings to break down the standard doorways and, with their own hands or the efforts of experienced masters, erect impressive arch structures from the plasterboard. For such structures, you can order swing doors or door-coupe, but the door arch, decorated with drapery, looks no less spectacular, and will cost less.


Arrangement of curtains on the interroom arch

There are several ways to drape an archway leading from the hallway into the kitchen. First of all, you need to choose curtains in the style of the kitchen. Curtains should be made of the same fabric and in the same style as the window. You can sew with these hands or order double-sided curtains from two identical cloths and symmetrically place them on the cornice on both sides of the doorway. If window curtains are equipped with pick-ups, the same accessories should also be provided for door curtains.

Asymmetric curtain with a pick on one side of the opening visually expands the narrow doorway and gives the room a special charm.


Selection of fabric for curtains

Since the kitchen is one of the most functional rooms of the apartment where food is sprayed with grease, milk, fruit juice, vegetable oil may accidentally spill, and the aromas of food constantly flow, it is advisable to choose materials that are easily washable and do not absorb foreign odors. This is especially true for door curtains, since they should at least slightly prevent the penetration of air and steam from the kitchen into the living rooms.

Bamboo curtains and blinds

Bamboo is an ideal material for a door arch, because it has many valuable qualities for living quarters and people's health qualities such as:

  • ecological compatibility;
  • hypoallergenicity;
  • resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
  • moisture resistance;
  • hygienic;
  • a light weight;
  • simplicity of operation.

On the door arch perfectly look vertical and horizontal curtains of bamboo. A wide doorway can be covered with horizontal bamboo blinds.

Bamboo curtains with a picture:

curtains with a picture

Bamboo curtains with a picture

bamboo horns

Bamboo curtains for the door arch

Important: Bamboo curtains for the door arch are used in interior design of the kitchen in ethnic (Moroccan, African, Japanese, Indian), urban, folklore styles. In a classic interior, such products are inappropriate.

In the range of construction markets and shops there is a huge amount of bamboo blinds and curtains of any design and variety of colors, among which it is easy to find products to taste.

Advice: buying bamboo curtains for the interior arch, it is desirable to purchase roll or Roman curtains from bamboo on the windows, and kitchen accessories from bamboo - stands, mats, wall decorations.


Bamboo curtains

plastic blinds

Plastic curtains and blinds

Plastic - a universal material for the design of the door arch. Blinds and curtains made of thin plastic plates differ in such characteristics as:

  • long service life;
  • strength;
  • ecological compatibility;
  • fire safety;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
  • variety of design;
  • water resistance.

Vertical and horizontal plastic blinds look great in the interior of modern kitchen, easy to wash, do not absorb smells. On the building markets and in online stores a wide range of plastic designs of different shades, monochrome and with a pattern, solid and openwork is presented.


Drapery of the opening with textile curtains

For an arched doorway in the kitchen, it is advisable to choose curtains from fireproof synthetic textiles that do not absorb odors, easily washable and quickly drying. Suitable artificial jacquard, polyester, linen with lavsan.

One of the most common ways of decorating the arch is a muslin with beads, sparkles, seashells, feathers.


Bead curtain

Extremely organically fit into the interior, decorated in the Mediterranean, eastern or one of the modern styles, curtains with knots, woven or twisted from thick yarns.

Color combinations for curtains for interior and window arches

When choosing curtains for window and door arches, it is necessary to take into account the basic color and shades in which the interior of the room is decorated.

Compatible colors:

  • blue - white, blue, pearl gray, beige;
  • red - white, yellow, gray, blue;
  • beige - blue, white, brown;
  • green - light brown, light gray, beige;
  • brown - silvery-gray, white, blue, green.

Curtains can be two or three shades darker or lighter than the color of the wall coverings. Painting contrast contrasts, but provided that the door and window arch are decorated in one color. The kitchen should not be made too colorful, just two or three harmonizing tones and shades.


Curtains on the interior and window arch can be selected independently or invite a designer to solve complex issues. It is equally important to choose the right cornice, especially flexible, and attach it to the wall, this may require the help of a master.

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