Coral cuisine for a friendly family

Coral cuisine for a friendly family

top cabinets

Repair cost: 80000 rub.
Kitchen area: 10.4 square meters. m.
Ordered: FE “Gorshkov” in Vologda in 2013
Set: 4.6 pg.m./ 46 000 rubles.

We did our kitchen completely from scratch, because bought an apartment in a new building. One of the main requirements for the kitchen was the presence of a sufficiently large work surface and the ergonomic design of the corner space, which we basically achieved as a result. I also wanted to combine brightness and dynamism with classics. Therefore, for the headset, floor and doors were used calm tones of natural shades, and for the walls – bright textured coral wallpaper.

my kitchen

The walls of the kitchen cabinets are made of laminated chipboard, the facades are structural MDF. The set is made in different colors: top – light beige, bottom – brown, wall panel and worktop color “flax”. The worktop was ordered moisture resistant with a matte surface for reasons of practicality and aesthetics. In this performance it is easier to maintain and looks more presentable. The glass in the upper drawers is dark matte with a discreet pattern, which contrasts perfectly with the light surface of the hanging cabinets and is combined with household appliances.

top cabinets

Angular space tried to use the maximum. In the main corner there was a half-open cabinet, at the top of which the first-aid kit was conveniently located, and below – a microwave oven. It is placed 10 cm below the main level of the hanging cabinets for easy operation.

kitchen sink

Long thought where to put the TV. The idea came unexpectedly. I had to sacrifice one of the hanging cabinets, making room for the TV, which was hung on the movable bracket, which changes the viewing angle.

TV in place of the closet

A hood is built in the hanging cupboard above the hob. Under ducts-ducts in the headset sawed with an electric jigsaw hole of rectangular shape in the size of the pipe, so that the channels are hidden behind the facades, which makes them invisible, and vented. Plus there were two enough capacious lockers for different trifles.

locker for small things

Under the hinged rails are installed. They are in perfect harmony with the technique of metallic color.

kitchen stove

The lower part of the headset has a large number of drawers for dishes, food and other kitchen utensils. The working area is divided by a sink into two approximately equal parts (90 cm), which makes it very convenient to use for both one and several people at the same time.

kitchen sink

The height of the lower cabinets is made by individual order – 90 cm, in contrast to the standard 85 cm. Especially for tall ones, so as not to bend over and not get tired when cooking. The bottom of the sink is located in the least accessible and, accordingly, underutilized place. On the wall panel there are several double outlets in the headset tone.

cutting table

The cooking surface is selected primarily for reasons of economy and practicality. Well, the appearance, of course, was also important.


appliances in the kitchen

The dining area is simple enough and convenient and consists of a desk-book, which can be decomposed if necessary, and classic chairs. In a large family, there is enough space for everyone.



The design of the walls approached very meticulously. I wanted it to be bright, not flashy, and it’s not hard for my eyes. Coral shade in our opinion satisfied all these requirements, so the wallpaper of this color is now decorating our dinette.
Coral color wallpapers

wall color


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